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Please help!

I have a question for you Cambridge experts out there. I am truly baffled.

I am not registering any pink at all on my Ketostix, but am losing weight at a pretty steady rate - approximately 400gr/day - about 1.5kg each week (3.5lbs). What am I doing wrong? If I am in ketosis the weight loss should be more I assume.

I am on Week 3 - have gone from 109.4kg on May 13th to 102.5kg today (June 1) - a total of 15.18 pounds. Should the loss have been more?

I am having 2 shakes a day and a bar at night. I have eaten small bits of protein on the odd occasion - some salmon (about 3 table spoons), a couple of meatballs one day, a slice of parmesan cheese on some occasions. Have not had a drop of alcohol and am drinking as much water as I can.

Why won't the strips go pink - and why am I not in ketosis?

Thanks in advance.

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You are losing weight at a brilliant rate, stop worrying about the sticks and carry on as you are doing.:)
You are drinking plenty, and following the plan and the weight is coming off.
Sticks can be temperamental. have you used them midstream on your first wee of the day? ketones may not show up later on in the day because the water you are drinking dilutes them down.


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it might be the bars hun,i got knocked out of ketosis the other week and couldnt for the life of me think why,as i had not cheated at all,i had the bars for a few weeks before i realised,ive stopped them this week and.........you`ve guessed it im back in the pink again,now im not saying thats definete but i really think thats what happened me,someone else might be able to tell you different.
when are you testing yourself,best time is 1st thing in the morning as you have not diluted your ketones with your water throughtout the day,hope this helps a little,
elaine x


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I'm carb sensitive as my CDC puts it, whenever I have a bar it knocks me out of ketosis as they have a higher carb level apparently than the pack. I'm not saying you are but you might want to try laying of the bars for a few days then test again.


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If you're losing weight and your not excessively hungry, then ignore the stix.

The always showed negative for me, yet I still managed to lose 8 stone. Gave up with the stix in the end.
Thanks so much - I am in Australia and there is no real support network here - will see if things improve in the next few days but will keep you posted - I might try to cut the bars out but I fear I may be too hungry .......
Oh - and PS) I have been testing first thing in the morning .... by the way - what colour should they be - how pink? Should they show up just a trace of ketones - the very pale pink colour after the "negative" symbol on the pack?
Thank you so much for your help everyone - I have to gather I am not in ketosis and will endeavour to get "in the pink" this week - will keep you posted.
Oh - and PS) I have been testing first thing in the morning .... by the way - what colour should they be - how pink? Should they show up just a trace of ketones - the very pale pink colour after the "negative" symbol on the pack?
As long as it is in the 'positive' zone then you are in ketosis. Dosen't matter which colour. You are either in or out. Don't worry though if they still show negative. Usually they are quite dark in the morning but if they are light it shows you are drinking plenty.


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Also remember some people don't show pink on the stix unless they 'dab instead of dip' (IYKWIM :eek: )

Mrs B

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Anna if you're feeling fine (not hungry, lots of energy) I'd say you are in ketosis no matter what the sticks say. Apparently they only detect one type of ketones anyway so lots of people get a negative result. I think you lose weight at the same rate if you are in ketosis or not - you are having so few calories. Ketosis just makes you feel better.

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