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please help...

So, I have been doing SS for 2 weeks, am half way through my 3rd. I have lost 9 pounds in that time, which i am pleased with, but i have just eaten some chocolate, and not just a bite!!!!i really want to do this, but something keeps stopping me. i dont know what to do... I do really well until afternoon time, and then i start to struggle, any advice?
and im not in ketosis (according to those strips) im so helpless!!!
Please help xxxxxxx
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for one thing, don't go on the ketostix. they are notorious for giving false false results if that makes sense...

have you had any of the cd bars? hopefully that would help with choc cravings.

do you split your packs? maybe six smaller shakes through the day rather than 3 would help?

abz xx


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i'm am too on my 3rd week and have had the bars this week, my advice if your craving choc is to get some of them! i wanted to raid the crisp cupboard the other night but starting reading a book instead to take my mind of it and it worked!


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I was like you and found that going onto the chocolate bars was a god send, like you i can be great all day and then the evenings i struggle, so i started having my bars at tea time and this helped, also this is when i find boredom sets in, also i have discovered mix a mousse from my CDC and it is brill, you make it up using the instructions and it makes your shake into a mousse which takes longer to eat i was in heaven, hope this helps


Cambridge Consultant
Hang in there.. you are doing so well..
I agree with having the bars. i love chocolate and I have one of the bars most days...... i dont ever feel tempted to have any other..
I have never used the ketosis sticks.. I think I have always been in in from about day 3..

Stay motivated you can do it !! Its hard but so worth it when you see the results..


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How about changing your routine a bit?

How about delaying your lunch until, say, mid-afternoon? That might work well for you.

I'm not a breakfast person, so this time around, I've tried to delay having my first CD meal until lunchtime - which means I can have another around 3 - 4pm, and then the last one at 7 - 8pm. Seems to be doing the trick so far (fingers crossed).

Hang in there. Something will click - and you'll get there. :D
please stay possitive each day is a challenge youve dne so well dont spoil it keep goin .
As others have said the bars are great for choccie cravings or for something to chew and feel like a real treat.

If you have the same cravings or hunger each day in the afternoon then that is the time to make yourself busy and try to distract yourself. Hard i know but thats what i do as evenings are my worst times.

Also if u really do have to eat it is much better to eat a extra cd pack a day then anything else so i keep couple extra packs/bars for the days when 3 isnt enough (especially Totm).

Good luck you can do it.

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