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Please motivate me


Please give me some tips. I've just had a blowout and had a few days of eating! feel really crap... I keep saying I'll get back on, infact said that yesterday abt today and have just carried on eating. Really need to get back on track tomorrow. Any tips?

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yes, just do it. nothing feels worse than binge eating - nothing. and nothing feels better than losing weight. only you can decide to break the cycle of eating and feeling crap. GO FOR IT.


Just take it a day or hour at a time....starting out is the hardest part but as you have a good day, the next gets easier......have you any occasion coming up to set a mini goal for? Baby steps will all add up.....just picture yourself at Christmas........wearing a sexy outfit, or settling for more of the same.......you CAN do it.....for you.
Thanks x
yeah I will, start a new job teaching singing in Nov and wanted to shift 3 stone by then. Lost 7lb in my first week which was 2 weeks ago and have put on a pound since. Do u think it's possible to lose 3 stone by Nov?


You could lose up to 2st in 2 months if you set your mind to it..........no point in looking back on old goals, thing is to reassess the position and set new ones. You could lose a lot between now and November, and once it starts falling off, your self esteem and confidence that you CAN do it will grow tenfold........I used always say, if I had started in X, I'd be Y by now etc. etc. but you can't change the past, just the future.....and the sooner you start, the sooner it's lost. x


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It's November in 4 weeks! I'd say 1.5 stone in 4 weeks would be the max you could lose...any more and you'd make yourself ill.....
re - start now. not 2moro, start drinkin ur water now, not 2moro. if u think of 2moro as ur new start, ull eat for the rest of 2day. if u start now, by time u wake 2moro ull already be 24hours into your diet restart
Thanks Minz, I'm a size 14 at the moment and losing about 3 stone will take me to around 8 stone. so fingers crossed x

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