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Please, some advice ASAP

I have a huge dilemma - whether to continue. Basically I have had a nasty reaction to an injection of dairy products; cottage cheese, milk and quark and I've found out that it is making my worse, as I suffer from rhinitis, I've been ill now since last friday, excess mucus.

I feel I need a break to recover - do you think a day off will be ok? I won't go mad - just feel rather off colour and well, I don't want to give up, I just want to eat something comforting and a glass of wine. I have also got a swollen jaw from eating my OH's steak he made me. ( I have been told not to eat chewey foods as I have a crumbling jaw) so I am in absolute agony with that and to top it off I have a nasty persistant cough due to rhinitis and just feel pants.
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hi pj ,im so sorry ur not feeling to well ,and i really dont know wot to suggest .

i do hope somone on here will help you !!

take care hunny and keep us informed on what u are planning to do !!


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Oh PJ :( ug hugs and tissues ;)
I dont really have much dairy apart from a bit of milk and some yoghurt as a marinade and also the fromage frais in the galettes (gaw that does sound a lot now)
Cant you have rare steak so tender? or use slow cooker and cook till really tender????
I have had an evening off and will do a SW red day tomorrow, while I contemplate my future with Dukan. I so don't wanna give in but I am concerned about the lack of nutrients and feeling so darned poorly.

I am thinking about doing a Red Day (SW) for the duration - if I don't continue with Dukan - but I am still undecided. I like Dukan cos it means I can't cheat, I have no choice - and I have lost 4lbs this week. Hmmmmm
pj do u think multi vitamins would help ,i think we r supposed to take them on this diet !!

take care !!
I felt blooming awful myself week before last - it passed but it wasn't rhinitis related... personally I'd go onto cruise and try and stick with it - minus the raw dairy products,... hopefully Jo will have some ideas/experience... hope you're feeling better hun x
I may do that in a few days. I can't do the ketosis effects as well as suffer this breathing problem. I can't even cough this morning as it hurts too much.

Today I am going to have:

Dukan pancake
Prawns and mackerel salad
Chicken, sausage and veg casserole

Not entirely Dukan but SW twist. Just till I get better.

I really want to lose this weight!!


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If its not going to work for you then its not the diet for you. If SW suits you better and you lose weight on it then stick with it.
You wont succeed if you're worried and getting ill.


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As Vicky says, dairy isn't a prerequisite with Dukan. The first time I did the diet - with the best results now that I think about it - apart from the spoonful in my morning galette, I had none either. Never been a big fan.

Coming out of ketosis, as you most certainly will after your evening off, could cause some issues for you if you're someone who has trouble with willpower (like me!!). As for eating sausages, well... I'd go for something a little healthier if I were you!


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oh and YES you all need to be taking multi vitamins!!!
I'm taking cod liver oil and a multi vitamin/mineral daily. I was going to opt for low fat sausages. Perhaps you could give me some ideas for PP days?

Thanks for your messages.

BTW I lost ZILCH on SW but then I was not sticking to it (that's the will power you mentioned Joanne!) and I was doing green days.

Also, I am not 'going' at the moment which is not great. Even though I am eating the veg (pv 2/2) and having oatbran and wheatbran (as indicating in the book) and still not 'going'. Any advice?

Bisous et abientot! x
Would be great but I cannot stand Rhubarb! I thought we weren't allowed 'fruit' on this diet. If I can find something to get me 'going', that'd be great! I've removed the sausages for today! x
it's technically a fruit, but everyone seems to hate it :) aside from me... I know the girls use senna-based tablets from time to time...perhaps sennokot? (sp)


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Why not do 1 day pp/1 day PV then you are still getting your nutrients every other day. Im not overly concerned about the nutrients at all i take berocca (well a cheapo version) every day and have lots of salad and veg on PV days.

SW didnt work for me either cos i ate soooo much pasta.
Ok - I'm thinking of sticking to Dukan. There are so many pros, for example, I feel 'up' most of the time and less of the mood swings and lethargy. Not only that but got my TOM this morning, and I never even had any signs - I thought, omg, what's wrong, I'm not due.. I was! Usually I get very sore breasts, terrible moods, irritability and impatient, and then I get PMT, lol.

I am planning on having a couple of days 'off', though still avoiding carbs, like bread, pasta, rice, etc. I have a social event coming up this weekend and I'd like to have a glass or two. Then next week I will abstain from alcohol and stick 100%, in the hope that I am better!

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