4 stone to go
So this week is my week four and Monday will be the start of week 5 on the lighter life Diet. At first it was easy peasy and I loved it but as the weeks are going on by I am starting to hate it more and more every day :mad: . I have been crying most of today and my hubby says he knows it hard but how could he... he has never done anything like this before :'-(

Last week i only lost 3lb so ok its a loss but i was losing the same amount when i was on slimming world diet so it pissed me off that i am paying £66 for that.

I am not enjoying ther to soups anymore and they often make me gag..:eek: and throw up after i have eaten them.
I mentioned this to my LLC and she said that i need to be telling my self that i enjoy them and that they are the best things for me ...I i told my self over and over and over...but still has same effect.

( I only like the chicken and the Mushroom and after i found a dead bug in my mushroom pack once i am not that fond of that anymore and in the shakes i only like the choc but only like that hot.)

In total I have lost 1 stone 6lbs but nobady seems to have noticed this or even commented on this.

The water is hard for me to as I work in such an environment that i am not allowed to drink unless on my breaks and because I am a hair dresser I cant keep nipping the loo all the time and in my part time job in the evenings I am monitored on Toilet breaks so they are not happy with me going to the loo every half hour.

I feel so depressed ........ :(

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
i',m only day2 .......but all i can say is don't undo all that good work have done so well talk to all your mates ..ring your counsellor....keep posting here ....hugs to you xxx
Oh Mizzyk,

Sorry you are having such a bad day. Your weight loss to date is great - you don't want to undo that now do you.

Just a thought - can you change over to CD or do you have to finish your 100 days.

Regarding no one noticing - are you still the same dress size and wearing the same clothes? Have you taken any measurements - there must be inch loss somewhere.

Don't be mad at your hubby - It sounds like he is doing his best to support you - even if he doesn't know what it is like. But he is looking at you every day struggling with loosing weight which can be tough.

My suggestion get him to give you a BIG BIG (((hug))) and have a cry on his shoulder - just let out that frustration.

Sorry don't know if this helps - hope it does
Oh poor you please don't be disheartened- I lost 3 stone before anyone noticed and the way I looked on it was I was doing the weight loss for me- not them. You notice your clothes are looser- you have more energy- and I know its hard if you only like a few of your shakes but you do like a few and you will manage.. The hardest part is over- you decided to do something about your weight and Well done you!!!! Hold in there and in a few weeks you'll look back on this time and think that was a down day- we all get them but lots more up days:)
Hi mizzyk,

Your having a rough old time of it between one thing and another!

You have actually done very well weight wise 1st 6lbs. and you have not finished your fourth week as yet.

Your husband sound like a nice chap and while he may not be doing the diet, he can see how you are doing so cut him some slack as it does sound he is trying his best.

This diet is tough emotional I have found and there is good times and other times I feel like crawling under a stone...

Have you tried drinking water before you take your pack to help with the taste?

Finding a bug did not help, but it is amazing just what does get into our food that we eat. | Information on All Your Household Bugs and Pests

-- What's in My Food? - AOL Money & Finance

Your body does adjust to the water, you have to give it time and I would think not drinking your water that this is the biggest draw back you have to doing this diet.

How are you finding the CBT???

Is that helping you?

The best thing you can do is to talk to your LL counsellor and see can she better advise you on this.

Why did you stop SW if you felt you were doing good on it?

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mizzy
I know your feeling down ((((hugs)))) Im doing the LL diet and I dont hardly like any of the flavours what you have to look at they meant for your health not to be a tasty meal that will get you to where you want to be?
The 3lbs loss is the recommened amount 3lbs a week is 1 stone a month which is what most people do,the way to encrease the loss they say is the water intake has to be 5-6 litres per day,I know its hard for you but if you explain to your employer Im sure they wouldny mind you sipping water through the day?If you can do 1 litre before work GET UP EARLIER to do this,1 litre at work (easily done in your lunch hour?) and 2 litres when you get home?
If your not happy with the diet and lose 3lbs per wee on SW then maybe you should do that but for some reason what made yo want to do LL?If it was for the fast loss then 3lbs is fast I know lots of people lose more but that also dependson how much you have to lose?
I wish you luck hun Im finding it tough but its the fastest way Ive lost weight as Ive never lose 3lbs+ awek on an ordinary diet
Hang in there hun, you're over a 1/3rd of the way through.
I'm finding the same with the flavours, I've been putting tobasco into my soups to try and hide the flavours.

I know how you feel about the weight loss, I've lost 1st 4lbs and my colleague said "well I can't see where from"...nice!
A few more weeks and everyone will be noticing.

Keep posting for support and let us help you through this.

Kitty xxx
If your not happy with the diet and lose 3lbs per wee on SW ...........

wouldnt life be fab if we DID lose 3lbs per WEE lol
we would all drink water till we had to sit on the loo all day wouldnt we?

i am no expert but just wanted to send big hugs and say that you will probably feel tons better tomorrow.
Hi Mizzy
Have you found the recipe thread that has lots of different things to help you down the packs?
I loved the savoury for the first 2 weeks but then HATED them!
i went onto sweet paacks and wow what a difference it made.
I loved chocolate as I made it into a choc muffin for breakfast.
Vanilla - I mixed 1/2 a pack into my coffee to make a latte.
i bought mix a mousse [cambridge web site] and made raspberry mousse; choc mousse & choc mousse with peppermint tea...
I microwaved [for 30 secs]the bars - cut them into 5 chunks and made lemon cookies and toffee cookies - yum!
It would help if you read the recipes - DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!
Just see it through - you only have another 3 stone to go and you will be there by Xmas - wow just think how you will look and feel???
I am so glad that I kept going It is so worth it..............

Sounds like you're really down in the dumps but don't give up you're doing great. 1st 6lb in less than a month?????!!!!!! Wow that's fantastic and there's no way you would do that at SW or we'd all be doing that! I was always a pretty slow loser, while my fellow LL members were getting 5 and 6lb losses each week I was getting 3 0r 4lb, but it was conisitent and we've all ended up in about the same place over all.

Try to increase your water, I know it's tricky at work but up it over the weekend and hopefully your toilet trips will become less frequent after a few days as your bladder gets used to it.

Vary your packs, cook them in different ways, I never have mine as shakes or soups. I have the soups made up as crisps and the non-fruity shakes with half a black coffee to turn it into a frothy Starbuck style. The bars can be microwaved to create little biscuits.

I often have to remind myself in the words of the song 'Nobody said it was easy' How true, this is one of the toughest diets to do, but for me also the most successful I've ever tried, please try to be strong and keep chipping away at it. Take one day at a time and keep in touch with us all who know exactly how you are feeling. Today is really tough but who knows tomorrow you may feel so much better again, so don't let a sad day ruin your great success so far.
How are you feeling now? You are doing very well. I had lost nearly 4 st before anyone noticed. And although I don't love the packs I tolerate them as I know it is the best and quickest way to lose weight. Don't give up you will regret it.
Irene xx

Hiya guy

I knew i could count on you lot to cheer me up ......I am feeling ok but could kill for some forbidden food at the mo.... but i will stick to it! :eek:

I lost 2st before anyone noticed, so dont be disheartned, its so hard at times, and makes us very emotional too I think, us women and hormones eh!!!!!!

You have done fantastically well, please dnot undo it now, make sure you keep taking photos and measuring x

Sorry to hear you are feeling so down. Any diet includes its fair share of emotional ups and downs so try and bare with it. You can do it and you have proved that already.

3 pound does make you think "is that all" when you do a vlcd but believe me if you lost 3 pounds EVERY week you are doing fantastic. YOu might loose 3 pounds on another diet, but would that be a loss like that every week? Or like what you have lost in such a short space of time?!! I doubt it.

YOU are doing so well. Try and take your mind of it and look forwards to your goal. Think of each day that goes past is another day closer to a slim new you, making good healthy food choices.

I too used to find the water very hard, and still do when I am out on the road. as long as you drink as much as you can in between clients, try and drink more in the morning. And try just sipping all day and hopefully you will drink more and not be on the loo every half hour.

Also one thing I learnt from Weight Watchers is no one really notices until you loose your first 10 % of weight, I had to loose nearly 2.5 stone before people started commenting and a lot of them said I had noticed your weight loss but didn't know if I should say anything lol.

ANyway enough of my rambling, You can do this, if you need to chat add me to your messenger and feel free to moan cry laugh whatever it takes to get your thru.

Big hugs,

Angela xxx