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please someone give a kick & tell me to wise up

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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My ex inboxed me on FB and I replied. It was just general chit chat but he then give me his no. told me to call. So being curious I rang. Now all my old feelings have come back - I've had butterflies talking to him & remember the old times.

But the background: I was with him for 5 years then I caught him in bed with one of my friends (ex friend now) He was my first true love and it took along time to get over him. I regularly think of him now & again & wonder what he's up to. Then he FB'd me.

I'm now married (for a year on Sat) and have a little boy & another baby on the way & truly love my husband & life now.

So why am I ringing him? Is it harmless, should I not call him again?

Maybe it's my hormones I don't know...aarrgh
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Ohh hun, I can totally understand this. My ex messaged me on FB about 3 months ago, not seen him now for 3.5 yrs. Was with him for 10 yrs, but similar to you, I caught him on the mobile whilst on hols talking def to a woman saying he was missing her.. He didn't notice me there either.. So looked at his messages when he was in shower and OMG, my heart sank to my stomache.. Evidence, behond belief. So end of the realtionship.. But I really loved that man, and when I got a message 3 months ago, asking how I was.. it brought back all those feelings. but also what he did to me.

I wouldn't call him again, as you know what he's like and it'd pull all that crap he made you feel.. back up again. That just not worth it, you are worth more then that. xx


synful soul
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In no way should you jeapordise what you have now.

Cut him out of yur life.....ignore the hormones.

Imagine how you would feel if it was the other way around and you found out.


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Tell him to sling his hook and put his number in the bin. You have a lovely baby & husband do you really want to jepardize that for this scumbag?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Wise words everyone thanks so much. I've deleted the number & he doesn't have mine so all cool.

I'll tell my H anyhow as I've nothing to hide.


Wishing and hoping!
Honesty is always the best key, I have glad you have come to a decision :) p.s. bloody facebook has a lot to answer for, or werids contact me anyways or did I closed my account:p
you can't live on nostalgia!!You know you can't trust him and it's not worth risking everything you have now for someone who could hurt you,oh and children for.xx


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My ex boyfriend tried to add me on facebook as well, but I just replied back to see how things were going for him, but told him I wouldn't be adding him as a friend on FB. Best to cut off the contact and move on with your life.


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Firstly, don't feel bad for the recall of feelings. Despite everything, you loved him once and no matter what, a part of you always will.

However, he ruined what you had and is now chasing you - it's unfair of him to do this to you. I don't know if he knows you're married, but if he got in touch on FB he probably will - so ask yourself why he's doing this. It's so rude! He didn't show you respect when you were with him and he isn't now you've moved on.

Forget him - you're happy now...don't let this man come into your life again and remember why he was out of it.

Good luck xxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
U r all right, its just wot I needed 2 hear. He does no I'm now married etc

I don't have his number now & if he sends a message I'll tell him to bog off..

Thanks again everyone X

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