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Green Day Please teach me..

I swear by my microwave rice cooker as you really can't go wrong. I do white rice in about 9 minutes and brown takes a bit longer at aroung 15 minutes. You can get them in Lakeland for under a tenner


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Measure your rice and liquid (I use stock), bring to a boil then cover and reduce to a good simmer (I think that might be the trick). Let it go for 50 - 55 minutes and then take it off the heat for 5 - 10 minutes.

Not sure the measurements, but I use whatever is on the box.
Hmmm my problem is I decanted the rice from the packet and have no instructions lol. Oops.

I don't want to buy a rice cooker as I do perfect white rice,finishing it off in a Tupperware multi server,acts as steamer at end of cooking,gives lovely fluffy rice.
And I have no room left in the kitchen to store another gadget.

I'd rather try and crack it cooking on hob. I guess I'll have to practise,but at least I know how long it should take. Not the 15 mins white takes.

I may put some on to try now Thanks x
Brown rice I use about 1 part rice to 1 parts water. I also always cook it with the lid on. Better a bit too much water than not enough.
Takes around 20-30min but can be longer depending on your rice.

White rice I use 1 part rice to 2 parts water, again with lid on, for 8 min. That's mainly basmati, others can take a bit longer.

I think your error is in leaving the lid off as the water will evaporate before the rice is cooked. Less of a problem with white rice as it cooks quicker, but there's no reason to leave the lid off anyway.
"true" brown rice (not the instant stuff) will take a lot longer to cook, because it is a wholegrain unlike the unhealthy white stuff.

You actually need a lot more water than when cooking white rice. I would say about 3 to 4 cups of water to 1 cup of brown rice.

Put rice in a strainer and give it a really good rinse. Then add your water to the saucepan FIRST, bring it to the boil and THEN add your rice. Cook it uncovered for about 30-40 mins on a medium high heat, you want the water to continue bubbling.

After 30 mins drain off any excess water, put the lid on and then turn the heat off underneath and leave it for another 10-15 mins. What will happen is the steam will rise and continue to cook the rice. The result is perfectly cooked brown rice that is not stuck together or hard.

Also avoiding stirring the rice while it is cooking.

Remember brown rice does have a bit of bite to it.
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Thank You all , I think I've mastered it !

I used 4 water to 1 rice. Rinsed rice. Boiled water first.
Added stock cube salt and rice , stirred once. Put lid on.
Boiled for 2 mins. Turned down to 1 heat. Left it 50 mins.
Then threw it in my Tupperware thing. You basically tip the pan of rice and water into it. And put lid on. It has an internal colander that drains water into main tub. It's ace for rice. Lovely and fluffy steamed result.

I've tasted it , it's lovely. I've rinsed it in cold water now and will put in airtight container in fridge soon. Hopefully no bacteria has formed.
I'm so chuffed ;) Thanks x


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