Please will power help me get skinny!!!!

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  1. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    so it's the 6th January and I have kick started my weight loss with the Tesco slim shakes diet. I have enough shakes I think for about 3 weeks, so after that I will be joining slimming world. I'm hoping for good things this year.

    So 1st entry into diary......

    Weight 292.5lb

    Totally hungry and very attempted to steal my 2 year old sons lunch... but I have remained strong :)

    Planning on having savoury rice for dinner, hope I can stop myself eating the boys dinner.
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  3. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    OK so it's now the 8th Jan 14, and I have been good well quite good I guess. I haven't stolen any of the boys breakfast/lunch/dinner so that's got to be a bonus!

    Today I had shake for breakfast, a mini roll for lunch with a slice of ham, for dinner I was abit naughty and had oven chips with a battered fish :rolleyes: and lots of peas.

    I've been reading the free mags that come in the Mirror this week and I'mm thinking that SW would be more the diet for me, at least I'm hoping and praying it is.
  4. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    10th January - So far so good, I haven't been stealing the kids dinner, although I have given up the shake in the afternoon and I'm part following the sw/ww methods for lunch and dinner with a shake in the morning. I was going to join SW online until I had run out of shakes and then go to meetings but to join is £60...?? wowsa..! So I think I will be waiting to join when I have finished the shakes.

    I wonder why there is such a difference between SW and WW, as online to join SW for 3 months (no shorter option) is £60, WW for 3 months is £30 but you can also join for 1 month which is £11. I'm confused about why SW doesn't offer the same sort of option.

    Still here's hoping for a good weight loss this week... I wonder if I can carry on being good over the weekend.... I'm very nervous about this as the weekend is my pig out time... I must be strong.!!!!!
  5. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    So the day before weigh day and what do I do... yep that's right cheat... what an idiot...! I just couldn't help myself a tube of pringles was winking at me at my mum's house (we went round as it was her birthday) and I had to have a few.... damn damn damn.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I've lost some weight this week even with my cheat today!
  6. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Arrrgggghhhh that did not go to plan at all....!

    1lb off this week, my 1st week and 1lb is all I've lost... I'm so depressed.

    I've signed up to slimming world today to try and help me, other than that I will be on my sofa wallowing in self pity :eek:(
  7. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    OK so I went to 1st meeting today, the consultant was lovely and so I'm hoping (please please please lord with a diet cherry on top) that I will lose weight on my next weigh in next week.

    I've still been good and ate a jacket potato with beans and cheese from my healthy option 2 and a 25g extra with some syns.

    Got to get on my game with my superfree food, so plan to tackle that tomorrow.
  8. leedsforever

    leedsforever Silver Member

    1lb is still 1lb ... Here's too next week with slimming world! I did slimming world at the start of my weight loss journey!
    Good luck x
  9. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Holy cow Leeds, your profile pic is amazing...!!!!! Did you like SW...??? You have done amazing I hope I can follow suit.

  10. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    My weigh days are now Weds evenings, so I'm going to change my signature to show that.

    Getting really stressed with my husband. He's one of these eat anything he wants guys and never puts on weight.. drives me crazy! Well he is not supportive at all, he seems to think that me keeping saying I'm cooking new things is funny as a diet is not all about the food... grrrr! Excuse me Mr I currently have a slipped disc which I've had for the last 2 years that i'm waiting to get steroid injections in to try and take away the pain, and there he is wanting me to do laps of the field....! Drives me mad!

    OK rant over... and breathe!
  11. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hello! Just read this post about your husband and wanted to say I can totally relate, lol. My husband is an athlete and thinks life revolves around exercise. I started out at 301lbs, and have ME as well as osteoarthritis in my knees, so exercise is simply not feasible for me, and I think I may have finally persuaded him that you do NOT need to exercise to lose weight. Under normal circumstances, it's accepted that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but it can also be 100% diet. Certainly it's ideal if you can do some exercise, but it is not necessary for weight loss - I'm living proof of that. So tell your husband, as I've told mine so many times, that concentrating on good nutrition is absolutely key to successful weight loss, and it's going to help nothing if you injure yourself attempting ill-advised exercise. :) xx
  12. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Men who don't put on weight & eat rubbish... Grr I know that one!!

    Good luck with SW and don't put that lb down, a loss is a loss!! I did SW for a while but fell off the wagon, had a good loss though :)

    Exercise is difficult for me too but trying to build it up little by little when I can and I agree you certainly can lose by diet alone.

    Keep going & don't forget to congratulate yourself for every lb lost :)
  13. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    I can also relate to that my husband thinks it's all excercise and you don't need to go on a diet...I'm 17st and find it difficult to excercise but I do walk my dog everyday
    But he goes on and on he even said I should join a gym, just because he is a long distance bike rider, he really upsets me sometimes x
  14. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Yep, sounds just like mine, lol. He's a sprinter, and trains 7 times a week on the track and in the gym - bloody maniac! But even he has had to admit that it can be done, now that I've lost 9.5 stone doing zero exercise. :) xx
  15. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    TracyGwill you lost 9.5st woooooo x
  16. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Thanks! Yes, just battling with the last half stone now, to get within the healthy BMI range, as that was my goal. :) xx
  17. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    My god I admire you so much that is amazing, how long did it take you ??
    You must be so happy..
    Well done
    Are you on SW ?? xx
  18. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Thank you, that's so nice. :) It's taken me a couple of years, so pretty steady! I'm not on SW, I'm a calorie counter. I am very happy with it, it's made a big difference to me to go from a size 28/30 to a 14/16. I still have a lot of mobility problems due to osteoarthritis, but it's a lot easier to move 12 stone around on bad knees than it is 21.5 stone, lol. ;) xx
  19. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Happy to hear i'm not on my own with the hubby.

    Tracy you have done amazing... I'm so happy you posted so I can show him it can be done!

    Mine is a keen rugby player so is out training 3 times a week for that, and also lifts weights so does that the other 4 nights.... thinks that I should be living off lettace and exercising non stop.

    I'm doing well this weekend, not cheated once which is great for me. I tried to make the chicken tikka masala last night from the SW site, but it was horrible.. hahahahaha so ended up with my faithful jp and baked beans LOL

    Was invited round my mum's for dinner tomorrow (full on roast) so I have turned it down as not keen on watching everyone else eat her lush roast potatoes. Tonight we're having steak, (going to attempt to make a mushroom sauce) with potatoes cooked in the oven with fry light instead of oil, corn on the cob and I might try to make garlic bread to boot.
  20. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Thank you, hon! :)

    Ha, your husband sounds JUST like mine! They've no idea!! You're doing brilliantly, and you'll shown him in the long run that you know exactly what you're doing, and if he annoys you in the meantime you can come on here for a moan, lol. Keep up the good work! :) xx
  21. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Well im in alittle bit of a confused state tonight. I've been really good all week not cheated once. I got on my scales on Monday as wanted to see how I was doing. According to my scales id lost 5lb. However according to sw scales ive only lost 2lb....

    Confusing...... maybe its because I weighed at home in the morning and SW in the evening...???

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