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Pleased with myself :)

Hi All

I just wanted to share my weekend with you. Yesterday obviously was Valentines Day, and I had planned from the beginning to have a nice meal with fiance'.

Anyway, after weeks of thinking what I was going to have, I had CD Chicken and Mushroom soup, followed by 80g of chicken breast sliced thinly into 2 bits, and put a small amount around 50g of cottage cheese in the middle. Wrapped up in foil and baked in the oven, had small amount of broccoli and cauliflour, and half a mushroom with garlic - just in the water, and for pudding a CD choc mint mousse - it was absolutely delish! and after 6 weeks of SS'ing - it really was lovely. Stuck to the water and just enjoyed the evening.
I think/feel like im still in ketosis today - no hunger or anything so that's good, and to add to it have done a 45 min work out, so am really pleased with myself.

My weigh in is tomorrow night, and if the scales aren't great then so be it, I would hope it would show next week instead, but I have 100% til yesterday and stayed within 810 (plus garlic flavouring) last night, and just feel for me this is a big achievement, any other time, we would have had a big chinese, drunk lots of alcohol and felt awful the next day.

I hope, of course, that the W.I. tomorrow goes well, but I know in my heart of hearts, I have completely changed my ways, and this, for me, has been a long time coming.

I know how 6 weeks to go until my AAM/810 week, which is the same week I go away, (uk break) and I have lots of meals in my head that I can take with me, all healthy. Yes, I will be having one night "off plan" as such and have a meal that wont be 810 on my fiance's birthday, but aside from that, I don't now feel so scared about AAM/810 week.

Sorry I've rambled on a bit, but just wanted to share xx
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Wants to be slim!
Well done!! You should be proud of yourself:D

I don't know about you but I have had loads of people telling me that as soon as I start eating again I won't have changed my habits or won't be able to stop myself 'pigging out'!

You have proved that this is not always the case.

I find it really inspirational to hear peoples daily ups (and downs) - it sort of makes it real and brings it home that I am not alone.

Hope the weigh in goes well.
Yes another well done!!! You have absolutely the right frame of mind to do the CD and I am sure you will lose all the weight - just think of the summer!!!

Sharon xx
Yay, well done you... I think it is great when you can eat a healthy meal and feel like you have still had a treat - you have done really well x
thanks girls, to add to this post, i lost 2 1/2lbs this week - v pleased :) x

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