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Pleeeaaaasssseeeeee can i come back?

its me i am back if you will have me. I stopped doing cd last yr and have as a result of very bad eating gained back 2 st 7. I am so gutted and i feel so sh**ty as well. I have messed around with other diets i.e ww and sw, and have failed at them all. I am so desperate to lose weight now and i now that cd is the way to go for me, i need ot have fod out of the picture completely, i am so useless with portion control etc etc.
I have had alot of bad things going on in my life to be honest lately, the main thing being the very sudden and tragic loss of my very dear mother in law, she was one of my best friends in the whole world i have known her since i was 15 and life is so hard without her.
I now feel like i am ready to start again and get on with life for me my kids and hubby and most of all my M-I-L who would want me to make the best of my life.
Hope you will have me back and i look forward to lots more posts.
Today is day 1 for me so i shall weigh again next tuesday and post the results.
Any advice for a restart will be gratefully recieved.
Lots of love Busy XXX
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somebody shrink me
Welcome back!!

I could have written this post myself- except I gained 4 stone :eek:

Here I am, back on the wagon, I WILL be slim for summer, and so will you!!

You know what it means to you this time, you have tasted 'slimdom'!! That feeling is sooo good, and I'm sure, like me you want it back!

So sorry about your loss. It sounds like you're ready to do something for yourself now, and like you say, she would want you to make the best of your life.

Best of luck with the journey ahead... YOU CAN DO IT!!!:D :D


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So sorry to hear of your loss. It must be very difficult for you.

Welcome back.

The diet works, you are fired-up to do it, so hopefully it's all gonna be good from now on. Good luck!
Awwwwwwww thanks for the lovely replies, great to have a warm welcome back.

Anyway day 1 went ok, however i did find myself eating a biscuit in the afternoon, which i am gutted abot to be honest, but i have decided to draw a line and forget it.

So here we go with day 2, wish me luck, think i am going to need it.

Just a quick ques, how often do you guys weigh in. I did have a sneaky peek this morning and found 2lb gone, not sure if i should so often or wait for the big loss at the end of the week, to be honest not sure if i can stay off the scales for that long i shall have to get my daughter to hide them from me i think.

Bye for now.

Lots of Love Busy XX


somebody shrink me
For the first week I think its ok to weigh a few times as it comes off almost every day. After that it's supposed to be once a week, so that you don't get disheartened if you don't lose on a particular day.

(Though I must admit to weighing most days myself :eek: !)
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Welcome Back!

Very sorry to hear life has been so rough lately. :(

As for scale -hopping.. I would avoid it and just focus on your weekly weigh in with your CD counsellor... it works for me. I do know lots of others who jump on their scales every day and they say that helps them.. it's a personal choice really.

For me - no scale hopping at home - just leads to wrong ideas of weight loss as scales differ to CDCs...

Good luck, wishing you every success on the diet. :D


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I don't scale hop, either. On VLCDs fluid balance varies greatly from day to day and even from hour. Weighing once a week gives a much more reliable idea of how much you've lost.

There are those who prefer to weigh every day - as previously commented, it's an individual thing.


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AWWW Busy Im so sorry to hear the sad news about your MIL.

Nice to see you and welcome back.
I only weigh myself on the morning of my official weigh in, and only do this because the chemists scales didnt register my weight for around 4 weeks.

Good luck for your re-start.....you can do it !

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