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plonks ramblings


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well, i have been dieting for yonks now, mainly doing sw, but have done ww before a couple of times. I do love SW and have reached goal 5 years ago, however i have put it all on and a few more stone :cry:

I get so cross with myself at how easy i give up, and i am constantly feeling a failure. Its effecting my moods big time, and my self esteem is rock bottom.

I have a really unhealthy attitude to food. I use it to punish myself with, i use it as a reward, and i totally sabotage myself using food, to the point i eat things i dont even like, its as if, i try to make myself fat.

I need to change, i have to. i want to .

I have decide to go back to WW as i need the discipline with adding and looking at points, so i going back to class on Tue.
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Just want to wish you good luck. Your comments sound very familiar - I can eat when I'm happy, eat when I'm miserable - now I'm just trying to eat when I am hungry - it's a hard habit to break but do-able - the diaries on here are a real inspiration.

Hi Plonks, totally get where you're coming from and I think when you read through the posts on here a lot of us have felt the same at one time or another, you're not alone.

I am a typical comfort eater, when I'm down I turn to food. Over this last year I think I've actually began to get a grip on this. If I'm feeling down or upset now, I try to do something else instead like reading a good book or watching my fave TV prog and the feelings do pass. I haven't really seen a change in my weight yet but I think that's been down to making a pig of myself on holidays and when I'm eating out but at least I'm not binging any more so it must be a step in the right direction!

Have you tried rewarding yourself with a non-food treat like makeup, clothes etc, whatever you like. Also this is a great forum full of friendly people and great advice, so whenever you're feeling low or out of control, come in here and let it all out.

All the best for next week. :)


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So today is day one on my new journey. I feel great and really positive.

i am loving this site, and i know it is going to be a part of success on getting to goal .

I am having to have a knee op soon and got to be on crutches for 6 weeks, not looking forward to lugging this weight around. a positive though, it will be lots of effort to get to the kitchen so no nibbles :p

I started ww today. but go to class tommorw night. i do shifts so will either be going tue night or wed morning.


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Hi PLonks! Welcome to Mini's - you're gonna love it :) xx

Mumma K

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Hello Plonks
And welcome to the wonderful world of Minimates
good luck with your dieting journey and your upcoming knee op
ouch!! If you mean the chat forum I think you can access it straight away
but no ones ever in there haha!!


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hi Plonks - nice to see you again. Congrats on a successful Day 1. Are you definitely going to meetings? You probably already know but if you print off the voucher on the WW site you can get your first one free.
Good luck with it!


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Yay day 2

Just been to first class, feel fantastic. I got really nervous walking through the door, everyone seemed to know what to do and i jsut hovered. I was soon taken under the wing by someone. I had a great feeling about the leader, she was really motivating and spend lots of time at end of class to explain things.

I have bought a caluclator. and fab and filling cook book ,

i weighed in 4lb lighter than when i weighed last . so even better i already ahead ;)

what did it for me. was the amount of people there that was at target. that just goes to show, how passionate people are about ww .


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Really happy the meeting went well! I felt exactly the same when I went to mine, just hovering around. But it was all ok.
That's great that you're 4lbs lower than expected, brilliant start!
Have a really good week.
Congratulations on your 4lb loss! Glad the meeting went well. I think it makes all the difference if you get a really good leader.

Best of luck for next week.


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Dropping in on your new diary to say hi. Really pleased that your first class went well and hoorah for the unexpected 4lb bonus

Have a good 1st week on plan


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hey hey I am on day 4 and i love it. I love how i am waking up in the morning. with a smile and the thought positive thinking about the day ahead,

I am finding so far WW is suiting me very well, i just hope i can keep motivated. I am and all or nothing girl. I give 100% or nothing. which is why i fail and fail so many times. I so hoping i can keep this motivation up .

I am not happy at my work at the mo. i only started a few months ago. as i thought a nice little 19 part time job. as a supervisor in a off licenses/newsagent. i need not realise how stressful this would be, i doing 5am starts. working on my own all the time. and to be honest the amount of money i taking its dangerous, i butting myself at risk. its started to effect my anxiety levels which i suffer bad from . so i going to find something else. I am a holistic and beauty therapist and have ran my own buisness. moved house in march and had to leave my log cabin behind :cry::cry: so really need to get my head in either finding a room to rent or doing mobile .

really loving it here and love the support i getting thank you so much
Hi plinks, love your profile pic, I'm very spiritual think that's why I'm over sensitive , I read Tarot and have done psychic work.
I feel you should find that room that's where your meant to be, the job you are drawn to make it happen as lifes to short hey :)
Well done on ww you'll like me I've done 100% for 22 weeks, knowing I'll fall off one day is something I don't like but I will keep going
Good luck for this journey and find that room :) xx


plodding away
Good luck on the job change - life is too short to be spending it doing something that stresses us out. I'm on the lookout for a new job for just that reason.

Have a good day and well done for the motivation, long may it continue

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