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Pls Help Day 2 Of Cd, Want To Do Judddd

:confused: Hi, I've started cd again for the 3rd time and i really hate it, got thru day 2 and i want food:sigh: that is my problem with cd, i can't cope with the not eating part and at some point end up failing.
Well for ova the last hr, i've read so much about judddd :eek: and i can't believe that i think i've found the perfect diet.
I would really like to start and to combine it with cd, i'd be able to handle cd knowing that i'd still eat as well, so pls pls pls sum1 tell me this is a gd idea and let me join in :eek:

Luv chareen x
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You can obviously join in if you want. What you do is up to you. The losses will be slower than with CD but if you're eating you have to take the good with the bad. I failed at restarting CD countless times & have now stuck with this into a 6th week now.

If you want to do JUDDD there's no-one stopping you BUT don't get disheartened with the slower losses & give up completely. It's no good for anybody's metabolism to swap from this diet to that diet to the next diet, which is what I did mid last year. I went from CD to SW to WW to calorie counting to CD again & again & again and then finally found JUDDD 6 weeks ago. I am now back to last October's weight after 6 months of going back into the 12s then slightly down the 11s then back to the 12s again. At Easter I was 12,5 so today's weight of 11,7 is very pleasing to me and I can see it continuing.
awwww your journey on judddd has also been inspiring to me, i understand that judddd may be slower, but it just sounds so much beta, you see i don't mind drinkig my min of 4 litres and watching my calories for dd, so i really feel this is where i should be in the dieting world.
I have my weigh in on friday, so i will start then, i will also let my cdc know what i'm doing , as i still would like to shave cd shakes on my dd.
I will keep posted.
Luv Chareen x
Hi Chareen, Anja is right, this is a great diet for some but doesn't suit others. It makes you take responsibility for your eating, so OK you can eat "what you want" on your UDs, but if you eat double the calorie intake you need you will put on weight rather than lose it. No diet is magic, you have to find what works for you.

That said I am finding it great. I am losing about a pound and a half a week, which is around half what you would get on a VLCD - makes sense since you only diet half the time. You can use CD packs for your DDs if that suits you, but remember you will not get into ketosis and might feel hungry - just keep telling yourself "I can eat tomorrow". And there isn't the sense of failure with this that there is with CD, that moment when you find you've eaten something you shouldn't doesn't mean the diet is over, you just eat less for the rest of the day or accept the losses will be a bit less this week.

So if you want a diet where you can sometimes eat and drink normally and have the social fun that entails, and are prepared to accept the daily scale fluctuations, and can avoid going mad on UDs and keep the DDs strict then YES - this is the one for you and welcome aboard.

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