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plzzzz help


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To be honest I don't think it would have done much damage but there is always the risk of taking your body out of ketosis. People have said to have eaten more and stayed in ketosis. The ketosis sticks are not reliable but everybody is different. I would just forget about it and move on. Forget it happened.


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So you felt like you were going to pass out - what was one square of chocolate going to do?

I dont think it will have done much damage though.

If you are feeling like that, are you drinking enough water? Minimum 2litres a day (excluding your shakes)?
If not and it carries on maybe you should get yourself to the docs, there may be an underlying problem causing it.


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It means you need to distract yourself next time. Make a cup of sweet tea or coffee the next time. Sorry to sound insensitive- but you're on the brink of ketosis and this feeling is to be expected. Chocolate won't do any good- despite tales of it being good for low blood suger (only if you're diabetic?!) Try and relax a little, get rid of any sweet stuff (it was the only way I could manage!) and if you get 'wobbly' again make a cup of tea/coffee/hot water with a few tablet sweeteners.
It's a slippery slope, once you have it once, you'll think- oh one more piece won't matter?
You can do it!!
hi all it did actually help what it was is i missed my shake this mourning and i had to wait till 12.30 so i think thats what it was to be honest...usually when i miss breakfast and feel a little shakey because iam hungry when iam not on lt i have a piece ov choc and my suger goes up and i feel fine well iam going to forget about it has it was a one off and like i say i didnt do it because i was hungry jsut to make me not feel like crap while at work and it did work

thanks sorry for spelling in arush at work

saz x


A little of everything!
I'm still going to scold you and say a cup of sweet tea would've done the same job.
While I was on LT I held off having my first shake until 12-12.30pm, the second around 5-6, and the last on around 9pm- that worked for me but I know others did it to suit their lifestyles. All I'm saying is that it is possible to go that long and not 'need' to eat chocolate!
Anyway, it's done now. But you need to plan ahead a little and work out what you'll do if it happens again- you can't be reaching for sugar everytime you have a wobbly moment?
It probably won't have done much damage, I doubt a square is enough to knock you out of ketosis.

But, I have to ask - is that the real reason? Logically, was one piece of chocolate going to impact how ill you felt, or was it just how you chose to justify that behaviour to yourself? Give it a think, as part of LT is figuring out your flawed thinking around food.

Good luck :)



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I have to agree with irish here - next time a cup of sweet tea or coffee will do the exact same. Or even just hot water with a sweetner added.

Next time dont reach for the chocolate :whoopass: :p
Hey saz, first of all I agree with you, it's best to just put it out of your mind and acknowledge it as a one-off :)
Also, I've also had similar spells but i found what worked best for me was something like peppermint tea or a blast of cold air, or (oddly enough) trying to do that pat your head and rub your belly at the same time thing. I think it's mostly just down to distraction.
Also, i agree with everyone else, i doubt one square will have knocked you off course, which is good :)
Also, theres a thought process which I found extremely helpful- someone said a while back that it's easier to think of what the cause is-that you felt that choc would help-and then asses your thought process. Like, LT is so restricting that it sometimes feels that something otherwise would help (in this case choc) but instead of thinking deprived on LT, just consider that it's your weight that is the real restriction to you and that LT is the key to not feeling restricted.
I'm sorry, that really didn't come out well lol, hope you caught the jist of it! :D

akra xxx

irish molly

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have to agree with everything said so far. You really must avoid doing something like that again. Water is probably what your body needed. I'm on week 4 and still get the odd dizzy or weak spell but water seems to do the trick for me. We will all weaken from time to time but don't go for the chocs, reach for a bit of protein if you really must so that you limit the damage it does to your LT regime. Keep strong.
I actually think its worse that you ate the chocolate coz you werent hungry that's my prob eating wen not hungry. Do put it behind you no point worrying about it but find another way through the dizzy spell. Its dangerous to start making excuses for our stumbles just accepting we made a mistake means we are less likely to make them again.

I have had the dizzy spells alot even now but i put it down to my body getting used to having less food to create energy. Good luck for your weigh in. And the dizzy spells do become less frequent but chocolate aint gonna help its all in your head that it did. Lt makes you realise that after a few weeks.

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