PMT and cravings

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Janelegs11, 8 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. Janelegs11

    Janelegs11 Full Member

    Hi girls, I'm due my period this week, my PMT is off the scale, I normally only have a bad mood every few months or so, but could bite a nail in half yesterday and today.

    Plus I'm fancying food like mad and could eat the contents of the fridge quite easily..

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  3. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Stay busy and invest in a punching bag hahaha! No seriously im nervous about this 2. Just keep water with you and i have a post-its in places i always look at with little motivators on them. It works for me because i see them out of the corner of my eye wen im tempted and it brings me back to why im doing lipotrim. Everyone is individual but this works for me!
  4. Janelegs11

    Janelegs11 Full Member

    Thanks Anne Marie, my mood is so foul today I should be locked away in a room on my own... Love the post it note idea
  5. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Well another idea is invest in one of them padded rooms. Ha ha! just keep thinking it will be over soon. coz it will.
  6. Janelegs11

    Janelegs11 Full Member

    and one of those lovely cardigans where the arms tie up around the back... The only advantage is dealing with all the stroppy customers today, there was no mercy....
  7. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    It's a lucky thing i dont deal with customers anymore they would probably run away from me terrified coz ill want to smell them if they ate any food recently. Hahahaha!
  8. Janelegs11

    Janelegs11 Full Member

    lol scratch and sniff... my sense of smell has increased but can smell horrible things as well as food now... Can sniff BO at 50 paces amongst other things...
  9. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    awwww hun... I get hideous pmt...spots...moods...the LOT!

    I think it's one of those things that NOTHING makes you happy til it's out of the way!! I guess I'd advise watching a few feel-good films to distract yourself- oh and how about buying some food you DESPISE and leave that in the fridge to put you off!?

  10. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Bless you. I never got PMT until after I had my twins. I found whilst on CD a multi vitamin with added evening primrose oil worked really well and kept me in ketosis. Not sure if you are allowed it on Lipotrim but it stopped me from eating the fridge before murdering someone:sign0007:lol
  11. Doirin

    Doirin Positivity is the key

    Hi Jane,
    hope you are feeling better by now, PMT is horrid but once you remember you are not hungry and cravings are just in your head you will be ok.
    Wishing you all the best.
  12. Janelegs11

    Janelegs11 Full Member

    Thanks girls, I have backed away from the fridge but the mood is still there, hoping it lifts today, for everyone elses sake as well as my own, I haven't ever had it this bad :sigh:
  13. Elle-Emm

    Elle-Emm Gold Member

    Perhaps having a hot choc shake may be a nice way to feel slightly comforted?

    Or a latte :) (i think a sweetener helps the lattes when you have them hot, but experiment).

    Good luck and don't give in to temptation!!
  14. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    God I could have written this post Jane! I'm a complete psycho. I feel sorry for anyone who rubs me up the wrong way. I was always a tad quick tempered (putting it mildly) but since I've been on LT it has turned into psychotic rages! I'm lucky as everyone around me just laughs, because apparently it's funny.

    I take every vitamin, mineral, oil known to mankind to no avail. I've tried yoga (made me angrier as I hurt my back badly, and it just sent me into cramps) I've tried relaxation tapes (annoyed the hell out of me as the lady's voice was like a soft porn star) I just have to weather the storm.

    As for my amazing sense of smell! I hate it! My poor dog is being shampooed twice a week as she turns me.

    I've been to the Docs and done everything she recommended but sadly I'm still full of the rage. So I completely sympathise with you. All I can suggest is to keep apologising to the people you upset and explain that you can't control it. I think it's to do with deep down feeling deprived when everyone else around us is indulging.

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