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PMT for weeks on end = massive overeating!

Does anyone else experience this? For example this month/bimonthly cycle was 65 days. However around day 32/33 PMT kicks in. I do mean really kick in. Overnight my trousers no longer fit as my tummy is so bloated and my bra is too tight as somehow my boobs have been replaced with two large very painful rocks! Then the mood swings have me completely out of control I never know if I will be happy or sad, argumentative or friendly! Then of course there is the chocolate. It is not so much chocolate cravings as chocolate necessities! I never get any pleasure from the chocolate though. I get depressions through trying to fight the need to eat it and then further depression for eating it!

After a week or so of PMT my salads go out of the window all I want is comfort foods. My period finally showed up and I feel back in control now. Amazingly I only put on 1 pound after a month of being out of control. The problem is I never have any ideas when the period will start! That makes it so much more difficult to cope with.

Anyway anyone else have PMT for weeks on end and if so how do you cope with being so out of control especially when it comes to food!
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I know what you're going through I have been like thus for 6 weeks! I feel like an absolute pansy. Been to the doctors he even did a depression score on me!??! A pregnancy test and a bunch of bloods and all were normal!

You're not alone. I want to kill everything.

I cried at a donut...

Haha you are not alone!! I am currently waiting for my period to show up, been about 2 months now, and my breasts are killing and I feel like i am going to kill a shop keeper for chocolate!! Get angry for no reasons and then next minute i'm watching telly and crying over a puppy advert... but i do know how you feel :)
Omg! This is the first time somebody has described my feelings exactly!! Last week i dipped a chip into nutella! I often eat lemons as if they were apples and beetroot! Dont get me started on crisps! The moods, spots, hair, painful breasts, irregular periods, the fact that i mostly wear my jeans with the button undone- that i can go out 'slim' and come home fat! The whole thing is totally depressing and what's worse is that although people are more aware of this condition than they ever have been, i still dont think they 'get it.'

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