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Pocohontas- starting all over again!

I started a diary on here last year but it all went kaput as diets often do =( However I start university in a few months and i'm determined to be a size 10 by then (september). I'm currently a 14-16 so need to get working on it. Last time I wasn't very good about writing regularly so i'm going to try and keep writing here everyday and make mini goals to help me along, it's motivation that is my problem, I always give up. Anyone got any tips? I'm starting tomorrow so will measure myself then and post here.
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just want to wish you luck. You'll do it this time, with your head and mind in the right place, the weight loss will be your reward. :D

This is my 3rd and LAST attempt and this time there will be no stopping me :)

This time I've decided to write a diary on here with daily entries, its helped me enormously this first week. Everyone is so supportive and I enjoy reading everyones progress and love the before and after photos for inspiration and motivation too ;)

You've got a great goal in mind, so in a moment of weakness remember what made you type your first message here today! :eek:

I look forward to following your progress.
Thanks guys =)
Okay, I weighed myself and i'm 167 pounds, so my ultimate goal is to lose 37 pounds by September, eek! To help me get there I have these mini goals that I want to have achieved by the end of April:

1. Get into the healthy BMI category
2. Fit comfortably into my size 14 jeans
3. Get under 11 stone
Breakfast- Yoghurt
Lunch- Soup with cold lamb and salad(bit odd but trying to use up leftovers)
Dinner- WW meal

Wanted to go for a walk but it started raining, I suppose I shouldn't really let that stop me! I have decided to just take this one day at a time because it's incredibly daunting thinking that I can't grab my favourite snacks everytime I go into town.


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WELCOME BACK!!! How's it going?
I try to walk to uni every day, but during the holidays I'd just run up and down the stairs a few times every time I went upstairs to get everything, seemed to work, ;)
What uni you going to?
Hey Pink! You've done so well while i've been gone, makes me feel very ashamed and frustrated that I gave up. I'm going to read History at York which is exciting =) I don't know how you run up the stairs more than once! I do tend to bounce up and down then but i'm always out of breath after.

you are doing so well. Just wondered about your menu, are you only having 1 yoghurt for breakfast and only one item for dinner?

I am not a diet expert, far from it, but just be a little bit careful that you are eating enough to lose weight :confused: crazy as it sounds! The body reacts if it thinks it is being starved (by not eating enough calories daily) the body then holds on to fat reserves as it doesn't know when the next meal is coming and it can affect your weight loss result :eek: I am talking from experience on this one and just want to advise you :)

Maybe you are eating more for breakfast etc, but if not even just a little slice of wholemeal toast or boiled egg with your yoghurt or a small bowl of cereal then your yoghurt should be fine!...and 2 or 3 baby boiled potatoes and lots of veg with your chicken at night etc.

Good luck, I look forward to reading your progress.
Oh, so pleased Pocohontas :)

Was worried you were sort of starving yourself, i tried that years ago...DIDN'T WORK lol :rolleyes:

Was also trying to ask without you thinking I was being cheeky :eek: Phew!!!

Have a good day :)
lol I don't blame you, the lamb was very nice, I love cold meat with salad, i'm so glad it's not high in calories because I wouldn't be able to give it up.

I find myself thinking about food constantly, is this something that others find goes away with time or will I just need to carry on battling it?
Little bit of a naughty day but not too bad- danish pastry for breakfast (oops!), chicken and salad on wheat bread for lunch and white fish with salad and a teeny bit of dressing for dinner.
I feel like I haven't been eating very much the last few days but everyday I have consumed between 1200-1400 calories, which makes me wonder how much I have been eating everyday before the diet =o I'd eat bigger meals and several snacks throughout the day, I think I was pretty much eating constantly =/ It's quite shocking when you think about it.
You are doing well and seem to be in the right frame of mind :)

Only the portion size of the pasta might have been tricky, but then again maybe it wasn't as much as you think?..and you can cut back on something else today to ease your mind!

Good luck today!
Unfortunately I know it was far too much, I had seconds of it after my first massive plateful. It's my absolute favourite meal, I couldn't resist! But I will be extra good today and go for a jog to make up for it.
500 calories burned up using wii fit, makes me feel much better about my naughtiness yesterday =) Porridge for breakfast, bacon sandwich for lunch (without butter and fat cut off) and a small portion of pasta with low fat sauce for dinner. Think that's quite good for a change.

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