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    I had a bad break up so you can imagine.... lol

    2nd Love
    I have been here before
    Its almost exactly the same.
    I have loved and hated

    Oh that heartache.
    That pain.

    Once again i rip my heart out
    Just as it was healed and tamed.

    I have given myself to you
    over and over and over again.

    Its a never ending cycle
    A constant road of fear and shame.

    But the love and joy
    The hope and promises

    Trick me into doing it all again
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  3. StephaniexSx

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    Our Song
    There is this song, a cheesy kind of song, with piano notes and lovely quotes.

    It was our song.

    A compass, a heart, a home... oh yes, my heart was your home and all that lovey stuff.


    Such feelings surround that song, i remember... i remember how i used to gush and melt, smiling from ear to ear.

    Its only a memory now, the feelings, the feeling of love.

    That song does not belong to us now.

    The song has ended, it only carries memories of what once was, it brings tears and wishful thinking.

    Wishful thinking to forget you.

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