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    What foods are points free on WW? Or is there no such thing? :confused:

    I'm asking as I've convinced my friend to join up to a slimming club next week and we have the choice of WW or SW, she's 100lb heavier than I am and she thinks WW is better for her so she doesn't just gorge herself on cr** (her words not mine). I'm just concerned that on whatever points I'm allocated I won't be able to have fruit as snacks throughout the day......boring computer/desk job so grapes/apples/clementines help stop me going near the vending machine of doom!! :sign0007:

    Sorry if it's a thicko question but I don't want to join up only to get P'd off in the first few weeks.

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  3. Lil Miss Sunshine

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    zero points would include:

    Sugar Free Jelly
    most veg
    diet drinks
    list goes on, prob someone will have a link
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    All veggies except beans, parsnips, peas and sweetcorn are free, and all fruit has to be pointed but are low in points e.g. 150g of strawberries is half a point, as is 2 satsumas, 100g of grapes is 1 point. I'll cube melon, half strawberries and have segmented satsumas and the next day I'll have grapes, pineapple and blackberries, put them in a tub and sit and munch on it through the day as like you I have desk job and there are always biscuits and cakes on the go. I keep some of the weightwatchers cookies in my drawer so that I can also have a biscuit at tea time. I don't see why I should sit and watch everyone around me eating biscuits and I should do without, so I join them with my 'special' biscuits lol. Weight watchers have a bag with little bags of mini cookies inside and they are delicious. I would recommend the chocolate orange ones, they are 1.5 points a bag.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with whatever you decide x
  5. size102b

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    If you eat a filling breakfast ie porridge then you maybe wont feel the need to snack? I have breakfast then nothing except green tea until lunchtime as Im just not hungery,I think its reckonising hunger from boredum eating,but if you need to snack the above ideas are great,good luck xx
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    egg white are free - add in some veg and you have a tasty omlette- a firm favourite of mine
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