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Points to Weight Ratio?

Hi Mamma Caz - no way - that cant be right - Im 11 stone and on 20 a day - when I was 10 stone something, I was on 19.

Unless shes doing kickstart?? no actually cos in that case if your over 14 stone your give 20 points per day, under 14stone you get 18... I dont know but heres how its worked:

The points you get depends on a number of things:

Are you:
Female = Score 3
Male = Score 9

Are you a breastfeeding mother?
No = Score 0
Yes, breastfeeding exclusively = Score 10
Yes, supplementing breastfeeding with solid foods = Score 5

How old are you?
16 - 20 = Score 5
21 - 35 = Score 4
36 - 50 = Score 3
51 - 65 = Score 2
Over 65 = Score 1

How many stones do you weigh?
Ignore the lb, the number of stones is your score for this question. Someone who weights 12st 4lb will score 12

How tall are you?
Under 5ft 4ins = Score 1
5ft 4ins or above = Score 2

In your day to day life are you:
Sitting down most of the time = Score 0
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing = Score 2
Walking most of the time = Score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time = Score 6

Add all the sections together and thats your daily allowance.
25 sounds definately right for you (depending on your height)

I started on 27 points when I was 18 stone but then Im 5foot 8"


Have a serene day!!
Hi, Thanks for the information, I don't know why she is on 18 coz she is around 5'7" possibly taller, no wonder she lost the weight so quickly. She looks great but went down to 11st in 4 months, thats as good as CD. She has kept it off as well.

Its just jealousy LOL! xxx

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