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Points Total ?

I started off with good intentions and was going to point up today....but you guessed it have given up (for today at least anyway) :D

Will get back on track tomorrow (I hope).

Hows everyone else getting along ? xx
I've still got 7 daily points for today... But there's a nice looking gateaux defrosting...! May dip into my weekly budget for that, though I'm not sure I can take it. ;) stuffed myself with 0point veggies, yummy!

Quietly proud of myself for avoiding the piles of Quality Street & Celebrations!

Hope everyone's having a fab day!x

Ps its just one day, not the end of the day if we go over for one day!!
Am going to have my Christmas dinner in a bit and have pointed everything up mean today will have used all my weekly points if I stick to what I have pointed. Have been dancing using Kinnect to earn an activity point or two.

But at the end of the day, as said, it is just one day. The trick is not to let it turn into lots of days and get back on the wagon.
I've found the past few weeks of WW has meant I can't physically eat as much as I normally do on Xmas day!! Haven't pointed but haven't been terribly bad either :) Merry Christmas all!
Wow you have all been sooo good. Im minus 81 on my weekly points lol. Got drink and and more food tomorrow so will be minus treble figures by tomorrow night. Never mind will have to be good after that. Hope you all having a great day.
i didnt point at all,,here's hoping i've learnt some lessons with ww and not let it run into weeks of no pointing!!!
Well after today can calm down a bit and try and undo a bit of the damage. My daughter came round to tell us she was engaged so had a few glasses of wine to celebrate. Would be ignorant not to.
I didn't do too badly yesterday...till I went to the OH's last night for a few drinks with him and his housemates and ate all the galaxy truffle and all the malteaser celebrations! Thankfully though, it wasn't the milky way ones....26 of them ones in the tub as opposed to 7 truffles and 8 malteasers!

Was on just dance on the wii till 3am this morning though so surely I have worked some of them off!!!

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