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:( pooooo

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
I was like that all last week. Re-starts are so much harder. Put it behind you, in the bigger picture it's only 2 biscuits.
4lbs in 5 days is great. Keep going your doing great!


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Come on hun, don't worry! :hug99:

It's 2 chocolate biscuits, that's all. If you stop now and don't let that turn into a binge, all is far from lost!

And 4 pounds off so far is great. Remember, because you started cutting down before you started, your first week's weightlos might not be as big as some - plus you haven't got as much to lose as some of us.

Put it another way - you'll lose weight much quicker on CD than you would on any other diet. Just keep repeating that to yourself, okay?

Now put the biscuit tin away and run up and down stairs a couple of times or get yourself out for a nice walk!


hoping for a good loss
well 2 biscuits might take you out of ketosis, but it isn't going to make any differnece to your weight loss hunni.

Please try and forget about it and move forward. YOU CAN DO IT

Charlie xx


Thank you all. I felt so I'll this morning when I left the sake too late and had the dizzy/going to be sick feeling that it put me on a downer.

I've ordered my next batch and her daughter (training CDC) going to drop it out to me tomorrow.

I'd love to be 11st 5lbs on thursday which means I need to lose 2-3lbs (depending where I put the scales). And then aim to lose that 5lbs by next week.

Yeah Lilly, it is faster than any other diet I could do and I wont stop the diet because I've spent the money on the stuff.

The silly bit is... I don't even like biscuits!!! :cry:


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num nums just forget it now,just pretend you never had those biscuits,you didnt like them anyway did you;), put it behind you and keep going, i went to the woods yesterday and cried and then i thought im gonna be a skinny cow soon keep at it:D,if i can get through a week then so can you, chin up lovey xx


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Becca, Just put it behind you and carry on your day as normal!
I had a TERRIBLE day yesterday, ate loads of stuff, but hey! it happens! All forgotten about now....
time to move forward......