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Poop has hit the fan


Loves Norman Reedus
last week i was late for class for a very good reason and when i asked the consultant if i could be weighed she was very rude. (that is part 1)
Last night we had another consultant (our one has left and we are having stand ins) and i complained about this lady. well apparantely it was worse. when 4 new members arrived last week, she said "oh no not more new members". She was 15 mins late starting weighing in and the volunteer on the scales asked her if she could start weighing and she said, "no, let them weight until i am ready". when a new member returned, she had originally joined the week before but for whatever reason she didnt get the newcomers speech and she was supposed to get it last week, the lady said, "oh i cant be bothered to explain again" so two of the members did the talk at the end. Another new member had put on weight and her reply is "oh it doesnt matter, better luck next week".

i had the nice job of telling our area rep last night, also the fact that our whole group said that they would walk out if she turned up again.
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Cripes! She sounds like a real delight.. ;) Not what you expect from a consultant at all.
I wouldn't have took that! I would have said 'look me'lovey' I am a paying customer, now you do what you're supposed to do! otherwise your area / regional manager will know about how rude you are!'

Pah!!!! Terrible! If you don't want to do it... then don't bother! xx


Just doing it this time
and it costs your £4.95 to b spoken to like that ! disgusting you SHOULD all have a free week.
Hey tara40 at least you now know that last weeks rudeness wasnt personal :) dreadful really when you consider the price of class. Poor newbies too, lets hoope they weren't put off!
she sounds like a right piece of work

let us know if she turns up next week, will be intreasting to know what happens if she does!


Loves Norman Reedus
No she wont be coming back to our group. When i originally joined SW i went on a Monday and the consultant was really good but she was leaving and when she said this lady in our group was taking over, i just looked at her and thought, "no way" there was something about her that i didnt like, and was my impression right or what, she was a nightmare at our group. and apparently nobody stays to Body Image with her now!!


you lookin' at me?
My Consultant is lovely, and this week she had to miss our class as her little one was unwell. Our stand in consultant was also very lovely. They different approaches but both are solidly behind the idea of 'support' and 'encouragement'.
I did go to a class a few years ago where I just did not 'gel' with the c, I didnt stick to plan and left fairly quickly.
Having a good Consultant DOES make a huge difference.

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