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Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by violet30, 9 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. violet30

    violet30 Member

    Can I have a lean pork chop?
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  3. locket

    locket Full Member

    As long as it's well trimmed of any fat and a center-part chop.
    If you're unsure, pork fillet is a nice choice.

  4. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    No. Too fatty.

    The original Dukan diet had no pork or ham at all - slowly extra lean ham was approved, and recently lean tenderloin (and I rather suspect that will be banned again sooner or later)

    - but, alas, chops will have to wait until your gala meals in consolidation.

  5. violet30

    violet30 Member

    Thank you for your replies I will freeze the chops and have chicken breast
  6. locket

    locket Full Member

    Do I have a different book to most of the users on here. I've picked up on a few things mentioned on this forum, such a a limit to skimmed milk in cruise phase and the restriction of pork. My book says unlimited skimmed milk in all stages and lean, trimmed chops are allowed.
    I have the Kindle edition. Does anyone know if this is a more recent/ older edition to what is generally being used by the peeps on here. I'm confused.

  7. jaqys

    jaqys Gold Member

    Is the kindle edition the american edition?
    That is where pork came in I believe. It wasnt in the UK edition I bought last June.

    I'm surprised about skimmed milk being listed as unlimited, as so many stall due to excess dairy - and for many that excess is less than the prescribed kilo limit.

    Is other dairy listed as unlimited for cruise?
  8. locket

    locket Full Member

    Yes, it's the American Kindle edition and yes, basically any fat free dairy.
    It's the 2011 edition too.

  9. locket

    locket Full Member

    I've been feasting on yogurt, quark, fromage frais and skimmed milk.
    It's one diet. There should not be differences between the continents. I'm slightly annoyed.

  10. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    Hmmmm -

    I can see why the American version would need more pork and dairy to appeal to American palates - but bear in mind that there are reasons why Americans are, on average, much larger than the French...

    It may well be that the Americanised Dukan diet still works - but is slower than the original diet which evolved in France over more than 20 years.

    Personally - I miss pork, but I don't feel desperately deprived because I have had to put it aside for 6 months.
  11. locket

    locket Full Member

    Hmmm...indeed. No wonder if been losing slower than most Dukaneers. I've been happy with my weight loss thus far though.
    I need my tea and LOADS of it and have substituted my evening glass of wine with a hot mug of cocoa. I need to reassess everything. AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

  12. CC

    CC Full Member

    I eat pork all the time BUT I live in Denmark where it's our number 1 meat ;) I am very lucky though, as the pork here is super lean (minced pork is 3% fat max) and the tenderloin is 98% fat free! If you are in doubt, stay away - try fish. Can you get butter fish or sword fish there? I get it from our harbour, virtually fat free and really meaty!!!! Better than pork if you ask me! :)
  13. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    Locket - don't worry, your losses will be slower just because you have less to lose.

    We all have to make personal adjustments to fit our own lives - now at least you can make an informed choice.

    (Confession: I drink semi-skimmed milk at work because I can't be bothered to keep my own instead using the communal pint my employer provided. )
  14. locket

    locket Full Member

    How frustrating. I am most certainly NOT going to buy this British version though, just on principle. The people behind this diet need to sort this out, they shouldn't just pander to markets. They need to find out what works best and set the guidelines or give options. The books shouldn't be vastly different.

  15. Jennifer_Walker

    Jennifer_Walker Full Member

    On the note about Americans being overweight, I don't blame it on pork or dairy, I blame it on the fast food industry that has a 'restaurant' on every corner.

    Add to that the idea that everything is better if it is deep-fried and covered in cheese. ;)

    To the original poster, I did eat center-cut chops and pork loin and I did fine. Because it's in the U.S. version, I went with it. If you notice your weight loss is slowing, leave it out until conso. :)
  16. violet30

    violet30 Member

    Thanks again for all you replies I will
    Leave the pork because I want to lose the weight as quick as possible
  17. locket

    locket Full Member

    I'm going to roughly stick to what I've read in the U.S. version but try eat less dairy and more meat, fish and eggs.
    Thanks for all the advice.

  18. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Very interesting discussion indeed...
  19. locket

    locket Full Member

    Well, I decided to follow the guidelines I'd picked up on this forum yesterday instead of following the Americanised Dukan book.
    I ate and ate and ate, mostly protein and kept the dairy to a minimum.
    I was still full when I woke this morning and was very scared to hop in the scales. I kept putting it off till I had no more excuses...
    Woweeee! I've lost 800g!!!!! That's what I usually lose in a week and am quite happy with. I'm ecstatic!!!!!!

  20. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    Oh wow Locket! That's amazing!

    It's a huge testimony for the original diet, which has served French women so well for years, and explains why so many veteran dukaneers have been side-eyeing both the changes, and the over-reliance on flavoured yogurts.
  21. locket

    locket Full Member

    I might have to (begrudgingly) get the UK version after all.
    Thanks for the support Atropos.


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