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Porridge - how do you make it?


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140ml, is really runny. I like it that way as when it cools it starts to thicken up.

Also slightly longer in the microwave & it also thickens a bit - BEWARE it has a tendancy to expand over the edge of teh bowl, so you have to keep a close eye on it.

If you want thicker, use less water; no harm in that.

And YES, it is VERY sweet


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Thanks Sean,.

Yes sweeeeet, and big sweetner aftertaste! Eeeeewww. Dont want to give it up yet though, prepared to give it another shot.

I make mine in a pan and add a vanilla pack to it, doing it like this i use around 220mls water and whisk constantly it's gorgeous and creamy.


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I make mine with cold water and then microwave for 1min 40. It turns out a lot smoother that way. I probably use about 200ml but I would use less if you like it more stodgy.

Hope that helps x
Hi I use around 140ml of warm water then stick it in the microwave for about 1.min 20sec. If you leave for another 1min it should thicken up nicely. I also found it sweet, but after a while you get used to it.
Mine has to be reallllly stodgy!

So I use less than 100 mls to start with and use hot waterso by the time i mix it up (usually the time i walk from my kitchen to my desk) Sometimes I have two packs together, and just every now and then top the water up as I eat it if i find powdery bits. every time i microwave mine it comes out horrible. I used to add sweetner too to mine (i know!!) but now its fine plain.

I haven't tried adding other flavours, but I know some in my old group used too, even if it was just a little banana or chocolate to give it a ready brek feel, but i love the porridge plain, so gonna keep at that now until I need a change.

Good Luck, and dont give up, always try making something different with your shakes, i love my chocolate ones with a spoon of coffee, vanilla with a spoon of coffee is delicious hot and cold.

Sometimes banana and choc together is good too! I sometimes struggle to get my packs down my neck, so I mix two together and have a larger drink.


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I put psyllium husk powder in mine (to be more 'regular' - and it also makes the porridge much more gooey) and use 150ml's of water, or a little more. Stir every 30 seconds, and do it for about 1 minute 30. Then I mix a bit of the Fruit water flavour in to make it into a porridge with 'jam' flavouring! It's yum.
I mixed mine with hot water from the kettle and didn't microwave it.
I think I used around 250mls of water, but then I like my porridge reeeeaaaalllly runny, basically it's a porridge-flavoured shake :p

It doesn't taste very sweet at all to me though, even when it was thicker it didn't.


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I add the hot water a little at a time too and sort of mush it with the back of the spoon so there are no dry bits but I do like it lumpy.
i make mine like minerva, with the psyllium husks in - it doubles the quantity!
daisy x
The husks or the powder from the capsules?


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