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Porridge - How many packs?



Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Jess, yes you can have all 4 packs as porridge if u wanted.



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Yep, as Lelly says, you can have all as porridge if you want. However, as the porridge is slightly higher in carbs, if you find yourself to be carb sensitive, it could interfere with ketosis.

Most people are okay, but if there's a problem, replace one or two with a shake :)
Thanks everyone.

I don't quite like it enough to want 4 a day, but just in case I didn't fancy anything else on a particular day wanted to make sure.

I like my choc mint, choc and strawberry shakes too much to give them up fully!

I am a bit carb sensitive I have found, but although It doesnt knock me out of ketosis it does make me bloat a little ... I try to have one every other day as they are so delicious.. the bars do the same to me..
I tend to have both in the mornigns too as the water I then have through the day seems to shift the extra water



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I normally have two porridge and one shake a day. Love that I can do this, means I have a lovely warm breakfast, but also get to sit at the table and 'eat' at dinner with my h2b and kids, rather than sit there with a shake watching them tuck in!
I don't think I am carb sensitive, so should be ok. I seem to stay in Ketosis with the bars, and having 1 porridge per day I am still firmly in it.

You are right though, the porridge is fab. I feel that it is probably going to be the difference for me this time as last time I just got sick of the sweetness of the shakes and only like the Veg soup.

The porridge makes you really feel you are eating something as I seem to get quite a big portion out of my pack.

Thanks everyone!



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What is the texture like though?

And is it sweet enough? I have always been a sucker for a sugar sprinkle on porridge.

I have my first appointment tomoz and i have been wondering what to start with.

Best start a new thread.

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