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porridge tips please!

Mine came out watery at first I think depends on the microwave wattage! I would say so the first minute and stir and then put it back on but stop every 30secs until consistency is right. I end up putting mine on for at least 3mins. And I found using skimmed milk or using water taste the same so I use the milk in my teas and jus have water in the porridge. Let us kno how u get on xxx


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Yeah, I only use water now too as it tastes pretty much the same so I save the 50 cals and extra carbs and have a cup of coffee with the milk if I want one.

I usually add the cold water (slightly more than they say - maybe 180ml), stir, whack it on high for 1 minute (our high setting is 900 watts), take out and stir and mix in any bits that have not yet disolved, then stick it in for another minute and it's done. Stir and then leave to stand for 3 minutes.

Use a deep bowl and watch it for the last minute as mine has bubbled over a couple of times because I didn't watch it like a hawk! Might be ok on a lower wattage though and you might need to keep it in for a bit longer if the wattage is lower. I'm too impatient to lower the wattage ;)

It's one of those things that many people don't like. As long as you don't expect it to taste exactly like real porridge it's ok and personally I quite like it having been a bit unsure when I first had it, mainly because I didn't make it up very well I think.
stick to the instructions , make with water and save 55 calories , tastes the same anyway
leave to sit once cooked and it will thicken up
it is a bit of a faff but for me it is well worth it , i only tried it 2 days ago and im hooked , i wish id ordered more than 8 now


Feeling great in 2012!
I wish I'd ordered more than I did now too. I was only going to have them at weekends but I'm finding I'm having them during the week for my evening meal too.
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Feeling great in 2012!
I don't find it tastes really like normal porridge (it's actually called oatmeal on the packet but I'm not sure it necessarily tastes like that either) but I've really acquired a taste for it recently. It's got quite a light texture as opposed to the quite heavy texture of real porridge. It seems to be something that people either love or loathe. I didn't feel the love initially (but I didn't hate it) but I really like it now. Nice and warming for winter evenings.


Feeling great in 2012!
I can't say I've noticed to be honest but it's a while since I had it with milk, but I don't find it too sweet. Nowhere near as sweet as the shakes anyway.
ah it must be just me then as I find the shakes nice I dont know if its because in my mind I expect porridge to taste different to me? It didnt taste like porridge to me to be honest

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