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Yep you can use any porridge oats.

how much should i use for a 28g serving of oats?
Erm - 28g?? Sorry couldn't resist!
I take it you don't have any scales? If so then you need to go get some tomorrow as they're an essential bit of kit.

In the meantime 2 level tbsp would be a little bit over 28g.


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the ratio is one part oats to 2.25 - 2.5 parts water. I usually put mine in a small glass, see where it comes to, then add twice that amount of water. This makes it thick so i thin it down with some 0% fat greek yogurt yummy after it is cooked. if you soak it in the liquid over night it only takes a moment to cook xx
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it usually tells you how much milk to use for a portion and i usually just use the same amount of water. I do find it needs sweetner tho to give it some flavour.
You could also try magic porridge where you mix the oats with a muller lite and leave it in the fridge over night,its yummy and i just give it 30 seconds in the microwave to take the chill off ( too long and the yogurt will curdle)


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My favourite way to eat porridge is to mix oats, water and a bit of sweetener, then grate in an apple and add a pinch of cinnamon then stir well and zap in the microwave for about 1 minute then stir and zap again for another minute. It's really yummy!


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My current fave is cook it with water and half a sweetener, then use cherry muller to make it less thick and a bit more creamy, and add half a cup of the sweet dark cherries (I buy the frozen ones from Sainsburys). Yum yum bubblegum!!

I usually prepare the scan bran and soak the porridge with it in the fridge overnight, and put the cherries in the fridge to defrost as well. That way it's nice and easy in the morning when I'm rushing around.


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Try 'Magic Porridge' - mixed 28g of Porridge oats with any flavour Mullerlite Yoghurt and put in the fridge overnight - delicious for breakfast or for a dessert.


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I love porridge. My nan used to make it with salt when I was small and I loved it!
I mix mine with natural yogurt I don't have it sweetened but you can pour it over some mixed frozen fruits and leave in the fridge overnight! Mmmmmmmm

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