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porridge ??

Cambridge porridge is ok
i couldnt do it without the porridge!!! apple n cinammon is lovely!
Yes but Cambridge porridge.
I didn't like apple and cinnamon.
I thought you could have the bars after 2 weeks on SS ?
You can have the bars after week 2!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I tried the porridge once and failed, it was gross.
Whats the best way to make it?

You can have bars after week 2. I'm on week 3 and having bars :)
I find the porridge an acquired taste. I dont think I've had the plain porridge before but oddly I've found if I make it in a shallower bowl and use just slightly less water, I can eat it a lot better ? Weird.

But I dont have it every day.
i boil the kettle, pour hot water over the porrige in a bowl, mix it squashing the lump bits a little then microwave for a full minute, mix again and cool, you can change the texture and consistency to suit you by adding or reducing the amount of water you add, someday i have it runny for breakfast but if i am hungry i make it quite thick for evening times, xx
I make my porridge same way as Blush but I have made it in a mug with boiled water if I have been out and about (perhaps stopping off at a cafe), and don't have access to a microwave.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
:sigh: I dont have a microwave and dont want one just for CD porridge . . .
Anybody make it without a microwave?

I'll invest in one at some point im sure :)
I don't have a microwave, I heat up my water up in the kettle, then I put my mix in a sep pan, add water on top, mix it with my whisker on medium heat for 1,5 minutes, it just comes out so delish, no bits of gunk at all.


hoping for a good loss
I didn't know CD did an apple porridge? I might give that a go next week. I use more water then needed and microwave, when I had the plain one, then added cinamon, much better the the cinamon one. x

Is apple and cinnamon or plain that cambridge do.

Hayley - I couldn't survive without my microwave lol

Charlie xx
I will try this porridge been to my CDC this morning and got 14 soups.!
Just had cheese and broccoli word's can't explain how yuck it was had 10 spoons rest down the sink.!!!

will ring her later on as i don't want them now.!!


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