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Portion size!


I will be skinny again!!!
Ok So i used the smallest breakfast bowl I could find and have a 4oz chicken breast...

But it seems like such a big portion??

And I used BBQ spices on the chicken and it tastes sooo good that I keep thinking ive done something wrong?!

Any opinions would be gratelly appreciate...
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my hubby used piri spices on my chicken last night and it tasted just like fried chicken :)

spices are fine :)

as long as you are in portion size you will be fine.

i keep overeating veg (how can anyone overeat veg:rolleyes:)


I will be skinny again!!!
lol i love veg!!

I know I have to be in portion size but i think a small breakfast bowl of salad is hard to judge!!!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I am sooo stuffed after that!!!

I am panicking soooo much that I have eaten too much!!! guys please help me!!!

Like the salad will be alot bigger than what two tablespoons of veg will be!!! Should I have stuck to two tablespoons of salad?????
hunny - know how you feel :rolleyes:

don't worry - on any other diet lettuce is worth nothing. Don't panic - lettuce CANNOT make you fat :)
i thought we could have those after day 3? i bought some peppers for using this week.

After day 4 i even have some lovely WW yoghurts lined up.

I am so looking forward to my first banana! hehehe!

my pharmacist gave me NO info at all. I am going by the menu in the sticky section.


I will be skinny again!!!
Nope we can have peppers and onions straight away!!

I have never had natural yogurt before, So have bought a small tub of low fat natural yogurt and a big tub of Natural fromage frais 0% fat, Hoping I like them both!!

Do the weight watchers yogurts have bits in them??

If I dont like the natural yogurt im gonna get mullerlight :)

Did your pharmasist not give you a booklet?

When can we have bananas and eggs??

I cant wait for day 4 to have my wholemeal pitta bread :D


I will be skinny again!!!
I dont like much fruit except bananas!!

Where it says were allowed fruit does that include bananas??
I cant help you hun as I have not got the maintenance plan yet, but I would imagine once fruit is allowed then bananas would be included. Just dont go over-doing the bananas as they can be quite heavy.

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