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Portion sizes and self sabotage

I have been struggling to start a 100% since I decided to go back to slimming world and wondered if it was down to portion sizes. I am always cautious and then an hour later I am hungry again and I know there is free food but I can't stop thinking about eating something and end up falling off the wagon. For example yesterday...

Breakfast (8.30am)
Kellogs fibre bar (hexb)
small apple

(I know it's not much but it was all i could grab before taking my daughters to school and going to town. Got home about lunch time)

Lunch (12.30am)
Loads of pasta with 2 tbsp ex light mayo (2syns) with chopped carrot, tuna, sweetcorn, chopped cucumber and tomato

snack (2pm)

Was really hungry about 4.30pm so had a muller light and a thai mug shot (1/2syn?)

Evening meal (6pm)
Half a packet of batcholars savoury rice with chicken stir fry. had mushrooms, chopped chillis, peas (left over from girls dinner) red pepper, red onion. Also used blue dragon sweet chilli sauce where my portion was (5syns)

Once cooked, the stir fry portion wasnt very big because I was concerned that I had eaten too much. Hence my binge that evening... I don't know why I self sabotage myself. I'm just getting bigger and bigger :(

I seem to give people advice on how to stick to plan but am unable to do it myself lately.

Help x
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You need to eat until you are satisfied. If you're still feeling hungry then you're not eating enough. The plan does work, so have faith in it. I know it's hard to believe that you can eat so much and lose weight, but you really can. I haven't gone hungry since I started, and my portions are huge, I love it!

Good luck :)
I find using bulkier superfree foods help to fill me up better, eg salad with your lunch, or more superfree with your stir-fry like beansprouts etc.

I also have several snacks between meals, still only usually things like fruit or a yoghurt, but if i'm hungry i'll eat more than just a small apple.


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If you're worried about eating too much and making small portions you could try making a double portion and have the left overs for your dinner the next day, or put them in the freezer. Or more likely if you havn't eaten enough have them for your supper :)


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Try adding a bit more protein to your meals as well as it really fills you up and stats in your belly longer!! And also try your best to get a decent brekkie in the morning, eggs, bacon, beans with tomato and mushroom or your HE porridge and scan bran ( they aren't particularly nice but are really filling) It really sets you up for the day
Thanks girls :)
I lost 10lb with slimming world when I first started but I am even heavier than my very first weigh in... almost a stone heavier in fact. I have faith in the plan but need to find faith in myself and stop binging. I haven't been like this for a long time but the pattern started a year ago when we were really skint and survived on cheap freezer food and have struggled getting back on track since then. Very hard to eat right when you only have £50 a week for a few months. how we managed it i don't know.

Thank you for your replies girls, today has to be the day i turn my life around. My bulge has to be no more ;)
I would try and eat more during the day - I find if I cut back in the day then I am really hungry in the evening, but if I eat more, then the urge to nibble/binge in the evening isn't there.

I have to say there's no way I could eat your breakfast and last till 12.30 for lunch!!

Overall I don't think you're eating that many calories on plan, so your body is doing what it needs - it doesn't want to starve, so you will get the urge to binge. Eat more free and superfree, and overall you will end up eating less.
I would have had some weetabix and fruit or something but I really didn't have time yesterday morning. Not going to make that mistake again. Today has started off better, made sure i had something filling before going to the cinema and I didn't even need a snack. Although, by the time I had popped to ASDA I was starving but resisted the urge to buy something naughty. I even stopped myself going into greggs :)
No chicken bakes for x
If i get hungry in Asda I buy a banana and some apples at the self checkout and then eat as I walk around doing the shopping! I never let myself get hungry for long and definately not so hungry that I could eat ANYTHING in sight... otherwise I do.
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Step away from the cake..
Try eating really big portions for a week. It stops you thinking this is a diet (I sometimes have that "I won't eat that because I've already had food and I've got to cut back toloose weight" thought and then end up binging later). You might find that you lose weight anyway just because you're not binging. And if not, at least you'll have broken the binge cycle. For me, just a week in, my biggest concern has been getting through the first week without binging as I've been doing it every night for months. Every day that passes gives me a bit more belief that I'm in control.

Good luck x


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Hi girls, re the binging thing if your eating when your not hungery try diverting your attention. I find myself just drifting towards the fridge without even realising sometimes just cause I've got nothing better to do. I find if I make a list of things to do, which I don't think I've got time for (such as cleaning my make up brushes or sorting through photos and putting them in an album) then I can tick something off that instead and it diverts my attention and stops me stuffing!! You also feel good for getting the job done.
I'm really prone to evening binging, but what really helps me keep in control all day is having a big breakfast!

Have you heard the expression "breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a prince"? It's not part of SW but a lot of diet shows/books etc. emphasise it.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day because it's the first! Really it's only habit to eat a lot in the evenings - we don't need to because we're only going to sleep on it!

It's hard to have a big breakfast if your tight for time, I normally make a breakfast sandwich the night before (ham and egg), or microwave scrambled eggs (3 egg) in the morning!
I had a better day today girls, basically because I made myself bigger meal portions but have had 2 snacks too. One syn free and one not but that's what syns are for arn't they? I'm going to enjoy my highlights hot choc whilst watching tele tonight and the syns are really low on that. Don't want to use them all up because I am having a roast tomorrow and like to enjoy yorkshire puddings and mint sauce.

Thank you all, your comments have really helped x

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