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Portion Sizes


In it to win it.
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Just wondering, when it comes to things like pasta, rice and cous cous, do you use the recommended portion for one person?

I just had 100g wholemeal pasta (free), smoked salmos (hexB) and a sauce made of soft cheese (2 syns) and low fat yogurt (free) and free veggies. It was an awful lot of food.

To top it off I had a chopped up apple in fat free yogurt - feeling like a bit of a piggy. Worked it out at about 600 cals.

When it comes to pasta, and the likes, how much do you use? Just worried about how this is working. As someone who came over from a VLCD to eating lots of lovely food, I'm very sceptical.

I've gained a few pounds this week, but im not too worried as I'm sure it's just glycogen stores refilling.
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Sounds to me that you are doing Green, is that right? If so, pasta isn't limited you just have what you want but you need to stop once you're full. It might be better if you dish up less and then if you're still hungry go back for more. If there are leftovers you can always use the cold pasta to make a pasta salad with beans, salady bits etc.


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hiya :) i find it doesnt matter how much you eat within reason....

My only tip would be stop when your full :) xxxx
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As long as its free I stack my plate high :) This is what my C told me when I did this last time cause it helps you feel like you are not being 'starved' and removes the temptation to nibble later. I did notice that when people's weight lost slowed down they did reduce the portions slightly, but nothing major.
It feel so wrong being able to eat loads and still loose weight but it really works :D


In it to win it.
S: 16st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 3st6lb(20.87%)
Yeah I'm on green today. I think next time I'll fill a small side plate, and if I'm still hungry I'll go back for more :)


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Much as I love SW I really dont like this "eat as much pasta as you like" bit. I know that I wont lose weight if I do that. I always try to keep to a reasonably sized portion of anything protein or carb and then fill up on salad or veg

I know they say to eat until satisfied but theres not many of us would chuck food away so I am really careful to not cook a massive amount in the first place


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I know it doesn't entirely go with the "eat as much as you like of free foods" but even on green days I weigh my pasta, potato etc as I knew initially that if it was on my plate -or in the kitchen for that matter I was likely to eat it.. so I started off with 75g dry weight of pasta and now I can't manage 50g
I think you are right to try and cut down a little if you are thinking "bit of a piggy" - you will soon find the balance between enough to satisfy but not that much that you are podged ;)


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I think the amount of pasta you eat should really just depend on your appetite - if you're hungry, and 100g goes down easily, there is nothing wrong with eating that much, and no need to feel like you're overeating. If you're eating 100g and feeling stuffed, then I agree with the previous suggestions that you should dish out less and then go back for more if you need it.

Threads about portion size do worry me a bit, sometimes, as I'd hate anyone to read them and think that they're being greedy if they're eating more than the packet recommendation of pasta etc. Eat as much as pasta as you need to keep you satisfied, folks! It's free food! :)


In it to win it.
S: 16st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 3st6lb(20.87%)
Thanks for the reply guys. I've been all too keen to jump back on the VLCD wagon when I have any sort of gain. But I'm sick of that, so just wanting to eat a normal diet! I think it'll be trial and error about my portion sizes. Just a lot to get my head around. It's so different :) I'm liking it so far.
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Only eat when you're hungry - and eat until you're full x


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I always stick to the recommended portion size on the pack, I think it gets you used to what an 'average' portion should look like and then I fill up on veggies. But then again I'm not one of the lucky people who can eat loads of pasta and still lose weight! xx


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Only eat when you're hungry - and eat until you're full x
See above was going to type that :D. Also eat slowly so your brain has time to click that your full and if your starving huungry have a cold drink before eating so it takes the edge off and you dont over eat.

I have white rice most nights and it covers a third of my plate i would say its prob about 80 grams there about.

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