Positive life changes since Lipotrim!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Snowie, 14 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Snowie

    Snowie Full Member

    Positive changes in my life since starting LT! :p
    (No negatives allowed)!

    1) My house has never been so clean! (good old ketosis - I have so much energy)

    2) I want to exercise! (I am actually using my exercise bike for something other than hanging clothes. I have been walking aswell)

    3) My skin feels great (really clear, fresh and healthy looking with all that water)!

    4) MORE SEX!!! (Have so much energy - My OH has a permanent smile on his face lol)!!

    5) I have started looking at clothes from the front of shops rather than the outsize section stuck at the back! I can't wait for the sexy little numbers I am going to buy for this Christmas!!

    6) I feel so positive - I can't wait for all the things I am going to do in the future that I have missed out on!!!!!

    7) I feel sooooo healthy - best I have felt for a long time!

    and finally ........ I AM LOOSING LOADS OF WEIGHT!!!!!!!

    I could go on and on! Lipotrim is the best!:p

    How about everybody else???
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  3. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

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    Aww Snowie, it's great that you're so positive. You're absolutely right on the money on every point.
    We should all be celebrating our success and determination. xx
  4. mariad1200

    mariad1200 Banned

    I am only on day one, I really hope your positivity happens to me. You are doing so well!!
  5. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

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    Healthy eating!
    Congratulations Snowie, I think weight loss gives a massive boost in our enthusiasm and outlook; and lipotrim is definitely one of the best diets for that weight loss!
  6. Snowie

    Snowie Full Member

    For anyone struggling tonight there is a brilliant programme on now (BBC 3) called "Britains really disgusting foods"

    Definitely enough to put you off wanting a KFC ever again!
  7. msblonde

    msblonde a new way of living!

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    calorie counting
    better sex ;) less of me 'in the way'
  8. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    What wonderful enthusiasm! You will be a real inspiration to those just starting LT.

    Keep up the positivity.

    Well done.

  9. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member


    1...gained a bit more confidence, 'actually starting to go out and do alot more.

    2...wearing size ten again and not feeling out of place when i go out and like everyone is staring at me

    3...going on rides with my kids again and taking them swimming,' first time in over 5 years'

    4...hair n skin look absolutely fantastic

    5...completely changed my outlook on food and what goes into my body and also although the kids ate reasonablty well beforehand it has made me think alot more in terms of 'not making them finish everything on their plate' if they feel full' 'giving them smaller portions n not feeling like i have to give them alot of food' 'make sure that they eat enough fruit and/or veg' i dont know why but since i have been on the diet my 4 year old son has started to eat alot more different types of food, before he only liked toast with apples.grapes and yoghurt,certain types of cereals,grated cheese sandwich,crisps or fries, he wouldnt eat anything else although my eldest two have never been fussy eaters and eat veg etc quite happily....zain, my youngest now eats alot more variety in his diet and is alot more aware of things that arent good for him. i just dont want them to ever end up with any kind of weight problem although dont get me wrong they still have treats etc that kids like to eat, dont want to completely deprive them of things. anyway i am waffling on now lol

    6...helped me make some very important decisions with regards to a relationship that i was in,gave me the confidence to know that i CAN do better and find somebody else, that somebody else will find me attractive etc as would never of thought that before

    7...just finding it generally easier to get by on a day to basis with my emotions and has eased my depression a bit so find it doesnt have such a negative effect on other people around me that are involved in my life

    8...health improvements....dont get out of breath anymore, bloody pressure has returned to a normaal level wheras before it waas dangerously high

    there r lots more but i could probably be here all day
  10. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    life changing....

    Going on LT really can change your whole life and emotional well being.

    Nothing beats the feeling of being slim and healthy! :)

    I LOVE IT!

    I havent felt this good in years.... xxxx
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