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  1. kered

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    Don't give Up!
    Your Dreams May Be Closer
    Than You Think!

    There may be times when you feel
    as if you have taken a million steps towards
    your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find
    yourself in the same place that you began from.
    At times like this, you must not give up.
    You must continue on. Though you may feel
    lost, bewildered, and alone, continue to believe
    in yourself. Do not allow discouragement and
    doubt to blur your vision and wash away
    your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the
    detours, standstills, and obstacles.
    You will realize your dreams. You have
    worked hard and taken so many productive
    steps in a positive direction that you are bound
    to succeed. Whatever the hurt of the moment
    may be, it will pass. Tomorrow is always a
    new dawn. Today, you must pause, rest, catch
    your breath, and then look ahead. Each step
    will bring you closer to your dreams. The
    rainbows and the love that you deserve are in
    sight. Happiness is just around the next turn.
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  3. kered

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    [SIZE=+1]Mirror Mirror[/SIZE]

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    do you have to tell it all?
    Where do you get the glaring light
    to make my clothes look just too tight?

    I think I'm fine but I can see
    you won't cooperate with me.
    The way you let the shadows play
    you'd think my hair was turning grey.
    What's that you say, a double chin?
    No that's the way the light comes in.
    If you persist in peering so
    you'll confiscate my facial glow.
    And then if you're not hanging straight
    you'll tell me next I'm gaining weight.
    I'm really quite upset with you
    for giving this distorted view.

    I hate you being so smug and wise.
    Oh look what's happened to my thighs!
    I warn you now oh mirrored wall
    since we're not on speaking terms at all
    If I look like this in my new jeans
    you'll find yourself in smitherines!
  4. kered

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    When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down,

    And you feel like the biggest failure in town.

    When you want to give up just because you gave in,

    and forget all about being healthy and thin.

    So What! You went over your points a bit,

    It's your next move that counts...So don't you quit!

    It's a moment of truth, it's an attitude change.

    It's learning the skills to get back in your range.

    It's telling yourself, "You've done great up till now.

    You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow."

    It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal.

    You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.

    To stumble and fall is not a disgrace,

    if you summon the will to get back in the race.

    But, often the struggler's, when loosing their grip,

    Just throw in the towel and continue to slip.

    And learn too late when the damage is done,

    that the race wasn't over...they still could have won.

    Lifestyle change can be awkward and slow,

    but facing each challenge will help you grow.

    Success is failure turned inside out,

    the silver tint in a cloud of doubt.

    When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit,

    If you bite it, you write it....But
    don't you quit!
  5. kered

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    Lord, my soul is ripped with riot
    incited by my wicked diet.
    "We are what we eat," said a wise old man!
    And, Lord, if that's true, I'm a garbage can !

    I want to rise on Judgment Day, that's plain,
    But, at my present weight, I'll need a crane.
    So grant me strength, that I may not fall
    Into the clutches of cholesterol !

    At margarine I'll never mutter
    For the road to hell is paved with butter.
    And cream is cursed, and cake is awful,
    And Satan lurks in every waffle !

    Give me this day my daily slice,
    But cut it thin and toast it twice.
    I beg upon my dimpled knees,
    Deliver me from jujubes please !

    And when my days of dieting are done,
    And my war with Snickers bars is won,
    Let me stand with the heavenly throng,
    In a shining robe...size seven, long !

    I can do it, Lord, if You'll show to me,
    The virtues of lettuce and celery.
    Teach me the evil of mayonnaise...
    Of pasta a la Milanaise, potatoes a la Lyonnaise...
    And crisp-fried chicken from the south ...
    Lord, if you love me... shut my mouth !
  6. kered

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    I'm dropping those pounds, and I'm doing it now.
    Ain't no way, I will be a big cow.
    I'm gearing it up and, I'm doing it right.
    I'm ready to battle, I'm going to fight, fight, fight.

    I'm kissing these extra pounds goodbye.
    No more full plates and fruity pies.
    I'm getting in shape, going to be real fit.
    Baby let's go, cause this is it.

    With my efforts, I'm determined to lose,
    I'm going to make it happen,
    because I choose.
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    Slimming World, Dietchef, Lipotrim - now maintaining (I hope!).
    Thank you Mrs Philosophy :) ... Great quotes ... I'll look out for some too :) xx
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