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Positive Restart

Hi all

I lost 55lbs last year on CD and have regained 56! :cry::eek::cry:Anyway - I am restarting on Thursday and have been thinking about how to approach it as I believe the psychology of the whole weight loss thing is key - at least for me.

I hate to read the "First Time is Golden Time", "Second Time is Harder" stuff - that FREAKS ME OUT :eek: and makes me want to GIVE UP before I've started and rush off and bury my head in a trough of carbohydrates ... so I choose NOT to buy into that.... so, sorry, don't tell me that - because I choose not to believe you!!

Instead, I am looking at my last diet as a PRACTICE run which allowed me to make mistakes and learn lessons from them-thats what it was for!!

THIS TIME is going to be my "proper" go at it!

So - what did I learn from my practice run?

1- Never to cheat. Never! Not even one teensy weensy liddle bitty chicken ... because that is the top of the slippery slope and for me even putting a toe on that slope leads to feelings of failure and inadequacy and lack of self-respect , which leads to ... EATING!

2-Be very careful on AAM week - be strict - even neurotic about portion sizes! For the same reason as above ... just a "little bit extra" and I can hear the greedy wee monsters whispering in my ear, urging me to fling caution to the wind and stuff my chops.

3-Remember always that I am CHOOSING to do this - it is a positive step I am choosing to make. I am not being dragged, I am not being pushed .... I am doing it of my own free will, so I should not resent it. I should embrace it joyfully because every day completed successfully takes me closer to a slimmer, healthier me.

4. -When I get cravings, remember that the food (whatever it is) will still BE THERE when I am at goal... and I can have some then and enjoy it sensibly like a naturally slim person would!

5.- When I have lost some weight, don't get complacent! Don't be satisfied with being "less fat" - I CAN get to goal... is there any reason I shouldnt weigh what I did when I was 21?

6.- If for whatever reason I have to come off plan - don't go crazy, munching like there is a famine around the corner and I have to lay down fat stores to survive ... keep tabs on the scales and never never let the gain go over 5lbs because then it becomes a PROBLEM!

Sure there will be more but can't think of them just yet!

Can anyone else think of other lessons learned on their practice run?:)
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You CANNOT fail with such a positive approach! Good luck on this new phase of your journey ... lessons learned - now you can put them into practice! :)
Thanks RD.
Is there anything you're going to do differently this time?
Sounds like youve got ur head in the right place,you'll do great if you stay this motivated Im on day 6 cd never tried it before and am also worried about putting the weight on as soon as I've lost it same as Ive done everytime Ive lost weight.:(
Thanks RD.
Is there anything you're going to do differently this time?
I'm already doing something differently Mrs P. I did a week of SS to get me kick started and now I'm doing 790.
I found that being so wrapped up in SS last time - to the extent where I didn't even do AAM for six months - created a deeply ingrained fear of ALL food and my ability to control myself around it. In other words, I nurtured a mind-set of either total control or no control at all.

So I decided that I'd compromise by using the controlled envirnonment of 790 which gives me the rules I need plus limited food.
So far I'm loving it ... I have my weigh in on Friday after a full week of 790 so we'll see what happens then :)

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