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Positive thinking!


Slimming down the aisle
So I've realised something. Attitude is 9/10ths of any solution and any problem. If I think I'm gonna fail, hell, I already have. But if I turn around and I be positive, if I decide I can and will do something, I'm already almost there! So today, I have decided to put my positive thinking cap on and invite you all to do the same!

*puts positive thinking cap on*

We got to this point through a whole number of choices. We chose to eat food we shouldn't, in amounts we shouldn't. We chose not to do something earlier. We then chose to make an appointment with a CDC. And every day we do this diet, we're choosing to say that what we have now, isn't good enough, and needs to be fixed. So we're half way there! Now we just need to choose to say each morning, that today we'll be ok, we'll stay 100% and we'll keep on with it!

Every time we think of cheating, we need to think of all the reasons why we shouldn't, why we can't! I'm doing this diet for so many reasons, and each one of those things has become my motivation. Every time I'm tempted to cheat, I think about my birthday in September. My first birthday where I'll ever be at a point with my body where I'm starting to feel comfortable. I think about Christmas. My first where I'll be at goal, able to just enjoy it and not feel like the ugly duckling of my family. Or New Year, where I'll be able to go out wearing something that I love and looks great, not something just because it fits. If I'm tempted I'll think about how amazing it's going to feel being able to wear nice clothes. Being able to find clothes in my size, in almost any shop. And buying them because I like them, not just because shopping is so painful I want it to finish so I buy whatever looks kinda ok and fits me. I think about what it'll be like to for the first time in my life feel comfortable in my own skin, to look in a mirror and not absolutely hate what I see, and have the confidence that goes with that. To be able to meet new people and talk to them, while sober, without feeling totally self conscious and wanting to just shrink away. I've spent my whole lifetime being big, now is my time to change that.

I'm not far away from the next stone bracket down, and I'm determined to do it this week. So I need to do this 100%. 100% of my shakes. 100% of my meals. 100% of my water... even more! 100% whole hearted, no cheating. And for that I need to be 100% positive!

So come on guys, we can do this! We've done the hardest part already. We've made that decision to start. Now we just need to keep on keeping on!

So here's to a 100% day for all of us. Let's be positive!
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Yep I agree with the positive thinking - definately working for me!! A really good question I ask myself is... Do I really want to eat this 'naughty' more than I want to lose weight? And the answer is always no...
Good luck all


Slimming down the aisle
I really am! The last week or two I've faffed about. Picked a little. But more than that just haven't been doing the diet properly. I haven't had the shakes I'm supposed to, sometimes only having one, other times none. Purely because I've not been hungry. But it doesn't work that way. I still have to have everything! Yesterday I did. And today I will too. And tomorrow... and all this week!

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