*Positive vibes on a Monday morning...*


Monday morning, 9am.
Not the time when everyone is going to feel the happiest or filled with positive energy, so, the glitter fairy is here to help!

After a pretty rubbish end of the week for me (not food-wise i was actually 99% with the exception of a raspberry sambuca lol) but i was feeling a bit down and not too happy about things which i'm sure you're aware of as i had all of your lovely help to make me feel a bit better.

So, i'm going into this week with a smile on my face and my head held high. Life is what you make it and i refuse to be unhappy.
Afterall, happiness isn't by chance, but by choice.

So i'm urging you all now to choose happiness and positivity.
We're all amazing, wonderful people who are doing more than most of the population because we have inside us the willingness to change. And thats one thing most people are scared of (including myself not so long ago)
We're all losing the weight that we want to get to where we want to be.

All i'm trying to say is have an AMAZING week, starting with right here, right now.
Smile :D:D:D
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getting there!

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WOW you really are feeling positive!! positively tingling hey! well thanks for that pep talk i'm feeling pretty damn ready for anything now........hope you have a really good week too xxxxx

Mrs V

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That was a lovely start to a gloomy Monday morning here in Hampshire!!!
Brought a huge grin to my face and Im sure my Boss thinks I am now weird! Lol
Sending positive vibes on too!


Good lol. Pass on the positive vibes to everyone.
Smiling is contagious! xx

lite at end of tunnel

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That was very up lifting,its very gloomy ere in sheffield ,but my spirits are lifted and im shining thru..thanks 4 the positive vibes.x x :vibes::vibes::vibes:


Ahh i'm glad everyone is having a nice day.

On Friday, when Children in Need was going on, the office next door was having a cake sale and a raffle, i went along to have a look but didn't buy a cake. Someone had made a Pudsey cake and there was a raffle to win him and you had to guess his weight, i estimated 4.5lb's (the amount i've lost so far haha) but didn't have any spare change so another lady in my office put her name down on the 4.5lb guess.
She only bloody won the massive cake didn't she? And now she's crediting the win to me, although i told her to keep the cake (away from me haha) but she's cut it up into pieces for everyone in the office and it's staring at me, however i'm turning a blind eye, it's not worth it cause no matter how sweet i'm sure that cake is - size 10 jeans will be sweeter. xxxxx


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Aww what great words, i started today and i wasnt feeling too motivated but i know i have to loose weight as my clothes are getting tighter, but your words have just made me feel very postive and motivated ! Thanks x


No problem hun!!

It's great to have a motivational boost once in a while xxx

Tracie Green

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ahhhh thats realay made me feel better, as im feeling quite negative today and low about sw! thanks lady x