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Possible Newbie!


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Hi All. I am considering joining Cambridge Diet. I have previously done Lighter Life but I really didn't on with my counsellor and there isn't another in my area so thought I'd jump ship and head for the opposition! lol

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much it costs on Cambridge? I have emailed a counsellor but not heard back as yet.

Hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more from me soon!

Toni x
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Peggy McParrot
hi Tonic

its about £35 a week for 21 packs, plus extra for tetra (shake in a carton) and bars(not till week 3).....you only pay for what you want, unlike LL which is a set amount....
good luck with your CDC


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Blimey. That's good! Its £67 a week at lighterlife! The Counsellor has just emailed me, she's going to give me a call tomorrow to discuss it.

Does Cambridge follow the same lines as LL? i.e. 4 shakes a day and thats it? Mind you, if its 21 packs thats only 3 shakes a day isn't it?



Peggy McParrot
3 packs on ss , or 4 packs if over 5'8 or man, then ss+ is 3 packs and 200cal green and white meal, or 4 packs and some skimmed milk.... depends what you decide, its good to do a plan above what you want to end up doing to get your body ( and mind) used to it.... i do ss+ 3 packs and a small meal......ss and ss+ are both vlcd....your cdc will explain it in far more detail....if i do buy 28 packs its about £42


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It can be 3 or 4 but I am a newbie too so not an expert. You get to choose. Read all blogs here and it gives you a pretty good idea. Good luck and welcome of course.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi you can do 4 packs a day if you want to and 200mls skimmed milk or 3 packs and a small meal its called ss+
Ive done LL i much prefer the cambridge flavours and bars


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Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. I think I'll be fine on 3 packs as I always found 4 packs a struggle on LL. I am about 2 or 3 stone overweight so not sure what the counsellor will want me to do but I'll speak to her tomorrow about that.

Looking forward to chatting to you all over the next few weeks !

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