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Possible Treatment for the dreaded Hair loss!!

S: 14st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 0st9lb(4.59%)
Hello to all Lighterlifers,

I started mangaement in late January 2007. I found, almost immediately, after introducing food, that I shed lots and lots of my hair. I was very , very, very worried. I would wake in the morning and find hair over the pillow and avoided washing my hair as the loss was horrific. My hairdresser even commented when she washed my hair!!

It was a very terrible worrying time. My hair was always my crowning glory!! The one thing, when obese, that I could always rely on to look great!

I visited my local Holland and Barrett, three weeks ago, and the staff in there were brilliant. I bought 'Food Science of Velmont' Superior Hair vitiamins. I take 2 in the morning and one at night. The reaction was almost immediate. My hair loss now is minimum. I feel so much better about the whole hair loss issue.

The cost for the vitamins is twenty pounds for a months supply.. I found this an awful lot of money at the time but if you compare this to Nourkin( which is fifty pounds) I think that it is value for money.

It may not work for everyone but I feel that it has worked for me.

Being the devils advocate you could say that the significant lack of hair loss could be put down to my body adjusting. That is food for thought for any fellow lighterlifers who are considering buying the vitamins. Take from this what you want.

All that I know is that at the time of worry I needed help,information, advice and support.
Good luck and I hope that this helps.
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Thanks for sharing this with us! My hair condition is really poor but I thought it would get better once I eat again. Obviously, I am wrong. Now, I am quite worried.

I will buy some supply in the next few months and start taking them as soon as I start management.


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Cheers for that Tracy, I'll pick some up next time I'm near a Holland & Barrett. Might start taking them early before the hair loss and that may then cut the loss down.

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Remember the hair loss doesn't affect everyone, so I think it maybe worth waiting to see before shelling out.

The explanation re hairloss is that when in abstainance our body stops the usual cycle of shedding and growing new hair. When we eat again our bodies realise its ok to start againn and we lose all the hair we WOULD have lost in our months of not eating, which is then automatically replaced with new hair. Its obviously much more noticeable as normal shedding and regrowth is much more gradual.

Given this explanation I am wondering if any vitamins could actually help given that the hair loss actually is our body behaving in a healthy way, just catching up on its usual replenishment that it has skimped on recently due to lack of resources.

Although it sounds like I am suggesting the vitamins are worthless, thats not what I mean. I just don't know if it really could stop the loss, I suspect yours may have stopped falling out now anyway.

What I DO think though is that these vitamins at the very least may help the NEW hair grow in faster and in better condition so I don't think it would be a bad thing to take them anyway.



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Just wondering if anybody else has tried the
[FONT=&quot]'Food Science of Velmont' Superior Hair vitamins and found them any good? I've started re-introducing food and the hair loss has now increased dramatically (although I don't think it ever stopped during abstinence). Just washed my hair and looks like big chunks are coming off...

Off to Holland and Barrett tomorrow otherwise...

Many thanks!
Were you able to get any from Holland and Barrett? Checked online couldn't find any... been off my diet for 5 weeks, as I am so depressed with my hair loss! And, I am still losing hair... still got 3 stone left to use!


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Hi all

I hope the vits work for those of you who have had hair loss. I do want to say though that not everyone experiences hair loss. I have long very fine hair and had no problems. That's not to say there are no side effects to the diet for everyone. I experienced terrible dizzy spells and still get them now I'm eating again!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Is it safe to say - if you are well into the diet,( I am on week 28), and have not experienced any unusual hair loss as well - do you think that means I might be spared?? I am hoping that is a good sign!!



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I do CD but presume it causes the same side effect.
I had been fine with my hair up until 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden it's started falling out by the handful.
It's very worrying as my hair is quite fine anyway.
I had mentioned it to my cdc but she said not to worry (easier said than done.)
Thanks for the tip about these tablets, i'll certainly try them.
Hiya, my hair has also been falling out in handfuls since about week 12 of abstinence, though the loss is evenly distributed across my head, so no bald patches or anything. I had a baby 4 months before starting LL as well, so I'm trying to tell myself that it is the extra shedding I would have had anyway, but it is definitely more than that - I have literally lost half the volume at least. I can tell because hairclips that once just about contained all my hair in a ponytail (before pregnancy) now fall off because they're not even half full. Only my hairdresser and myself have noticed, I hasten to add, oh and my husband who has to unblock the drains after I wash my hair! I've got a good couple of months of abstinence to go, and wondered just how far the loss goes as my hair is now looking thin, lank & lifeless? Anyone else been in this situation? It seems ironic on the one hand to be filled with confidence about my new body & clothes, but then not be able to go out because my hair looks like an old woman's!
Ok I'm getting scared now-I'm only on week 8 but I really don't want to lose my hair. I have always had quite a lot of shedding but to lose half the thickness is too much for comfort!

Would I have already started losing a lot if it is going to happen to me?

Hiya, sorry, didn't want to scare the pants off anyone! Everyone in my group noticed some loss, but I seem to have it the worst, maybe because I had just had a baby. I do know lots of people though who experience no loss at all. People who never lapse at all don't seem to be affected until they start eating normal food again. My group are a proper bunch of pickles who lapse all over the place, so maybe that's also why we seem to have been hit hard! The counsellors make light of it, but I think they don't exactly want to admit that it happens a lot.
TC x


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People who never lapse at all don't seem to be affected until they start eating normal food again.
TC x
More of a good reason to stay 100% abstinent! Not something I've been very good at myself... :D

Just wanted to add that I've been taking Nourkrin and - fingers crossed - the hair loss seemed to stop almost immediately. I did some research and Nourkrin is actually backed up by proper clinical research! I thought my hair was worth the money in the end. After all, I spend more than the equivalent of a packet of Nourkrin each time I get my hair done...
I noticed on holiday over the past 2 weeks when i have been back to completely normal eating ( i had been cheating whilst on abstainence a little) that my hair was coming out. This was just like when I had by 3 babies, so not that worried. BUT... last night I was looking in the mirror in my loo which has a bright light and noticed my hair was see through on top. I have thin long hair but have never been able to see my scalp. I asked my hubby but he said it was cos it was blonder from being on hols, but I know he is wrong. I am going back on abstainence for 4 weeks to get to my target and hope the hair thing will slow down. I think unfortuately for me though when I return to normal eating it is going to go. If it gets much thinner, I am going to be soooo upset. What point is there is being more confident about my weight andloosing it all againcos of my hair. I'm off to Holland and Barret too!! ASAP

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