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Possibly a stupid question

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jennjenn84, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member


    this has been bothering me for a while now, but what happens to the excess skin after losing quite a few stones?

    i want to lose around about 5 stones am I going to be left with a load of saggy skin where the fat was?
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  3. Beautyxx

    Beautyxx Full Member

    That is a question that no-one can answer for you.

    For some people its not an issue and the skin shrinks back into place, others are left with excess skin.

    If you have a proven long term and sustained weight loss which leads to excess skin there are guidelines which if met means that it can be removed on the NHS.

    I think its down to age, genetics and how much skin has been stretched that determines how well it goes back. I am using Bio-Oil to try and help my skin along the way but I am not sure if it truly help.
  4. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Hi, I have lost 5 stone in 10 months and I have found I have got saggy skin (mostly bingo wings and where I had 2 c-sections) I havent really got it anywhere else, my bum, thighs, chest, chin/neck/face havent suffered. I do go to the gym (although havent been very consistant recently) and would recommend starting some gentle exercise and toning as you start your weightloss journey, even if you do it at home, there is plenty you can do :)

    I would also recommend taking your measurements when you start so you can see the difference, this can help in those weeks where you maybe dont see a lb loss you may see an inch loss.x.x.
  5. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    I dont have any excess skin, yet. Ive lost over 6 stone but I exercise daily. Im not at target yet neither so cant really say if i will end up with any but touch wood, none what so ever so far. Im 40 this year and was really worried about the skin side of it but to be fair ive been really lucky. Good luck :)
  6. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    I lost nine stone in thirteen months. I have a bit of lose skin on top of my legs, no folds or anything though. My tummy is wobbly but not such it is a problem, again no folds. If i am on all fours though my tummy hangs down.

    None of it is even remotely a problem though.
  7. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    I was exactly the same as you when I started it was a real worry for me. But as the months have passed and the weight dropped off, my concern changed too. I have excess skin, but id rather have that than be 6 & 1/2 stone heavier. Maybe one day my excess skin fairy god mother will visit but until then ive worked really hard for my wrinkly tummy :D

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  8. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    Thank you all for your answers, I feel more positive, and your right I would much rather excess skin than carry excess weight.
  9. Toga

    Toga Member

    I have this very concern. So far I have lost 13.5st since I started loosing weight (9st of that with slimming world) and have at least another 6st to go. I have ensured that I have kept a regular track record of my weight loss with the nurse at my local doctors surgery to help speed up any need for surgery to remove loose skin.

    I dont want to go through all this effort to lose a vast amount of weight and be left more self conscious due to unsightly saggy lose skin that I was to begin with when fat. I would most certainly be pushing for surgery somewhere along the line to remove any excess skin I was left with if it fails to shrink back.
  10. Cheese Thief

    Cheese Thief Gold Member

    Can I just say you're doing bloody amazingly, well done! Truely inspirational for someone like me with a lot left to lose.

    On the excess skin front, so far i've been quite lucky. Lost nearly 5st and so far so good, nothing except a little on my bingo wings which im hoping exercise will help.
  11. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Regrettably, none of us can predict the future. It seems to be our one desire in life, along with being able to turn the clock back and do things differently. I know it's often easier said than done, but I think the best approach is not to worry about things that may never happen and deal with things that come along as and when they do. :)
  12. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    Wow that's amazing, well done you!!!!
  13. Toga

    Toga Member

    Thanks guys :) However still so far to go! thankfully so far the only affect is the same, bingo wings, however as with others I'm hoping the weight training will cure this. I have my fingers firmly crossed that I dont have much trouble with excess skin!
  14. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    Can I just ask the ladies who have mentioned the nhs how you have gone about this, my mum has lost over 100lb through calorie counting and exercise, she has about another 6st to go but her doctor has said there is no chance of her getting a tummy tuck on the nhs as they do not do it anymore! She has got to a point where she does not want to lose weight anymore as she feela horrid with a big flap of lose skin on her belly! Sorry for butting in :) xxx
  15. Jael

    Jael Full Member

    The NHS have cut many operations they deem non essential. Hernias for example. Unless you can prove they're having a significant medical effect. I think with loose skin there could be risks of infection in the folds and soreness. Also severe psychological trauma would count as a medical problem. You would probably have to keep going back and be very persistent. Either that or start saving for private surgery.
  16. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    You need to look at the Nhs Nice Guidelines for your authority, its really helpful.

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