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Post Christmas weigh-in


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Well, Christmas is over for another year... I had 3 days off plan over the festive period and start again 100% as of today.

I had about 4 million syns worth of mince pies, chocolate and christmas pudding but drank very little alcohol which is unusual for me.

Weigh-in this morning and I lost 1lb - yay!

Going to try and lose a stone (and get my Club 10) by my birthday on the 23rd Feb.
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Don't mean to be gloomy but weight put on may not show immediatley. It will depend on how efficient you will be over the coming days to burn off the extra calories. An extra 3000 calories above what your body needs will put on 1 lb of weight. Keep going though and keep your positive attitude xx


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I weighed yesterday, had gained 6lbs, lost 3 of it already this morning. A lot of it is water retention, and if you wi is wed/thu you can easy get back on plan 100% and have a sts. Good luck this week everyone, it's a fun one, and by next week most of us will be back to pre-xmas wi weights.


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I'm always about 4 pounds lighter in the morning than my evening weight, I know that my body should only be weighed at one specific point in the evening to get an accurate view of any weight losses. I certainly don't weigh in the morning because it's not a true measurement!!


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Of course for some, but for me in the morning I am always guaranteed to be about 4 pounds lighter than the evening before! My body is very strange sometimes, if I weighed in the morning then weighed in the evening every day I'd be uber depressed because I know that from the morning to the evening I gain about 3-4 pounds thoughout the day, so that's the true measurement of my weight, evening!


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I always weigh on an evening too, but as long as you weigh at the same time of day every time, that's accurate!

Hav chnagd my sig as won't be going to WI tonight as I'm up north instead of in EA. A bit annoying really as I want to see how badly I've done so I can accept it and move on.



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I always WI first thing in the morning and in the 'nuddy' too, but it will be a miracle for me to show a 'small' gain I think.....oh well, back to the plan!!!


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I have gained about 3 lbs so far which I think is not too bad considering I have had just over 400 syns since my WI last Wednesday. I will still have extra syns until the New Year so I'll probably gain a bit more. Then I'll be back on plan with a vengeance.

I've been so much more controlled this year as normally I would eat and drink far more at Christmas. Several of our meals have been completely SW and I've never spent so much time preparing and cooking food at Christmas. However, the extras that I have had have still added up to a huge amount of syns.

What I want to know is why my weight gain seems to have gone entirely onto my tummy? I lose it off everywhere else, but if I gain, it's straight onto my tummy.

I'm really pleased with myself that I have been controlled this Christmas and kept track of my syns. I've still had a lot of syns but I had decided to enjoy myself without going mad. I've had considerably less than I normally would but enough not to feel restricted and deprived. In the New Year I'll be back on plan and hope to lose my gain fairly quickly. It's only once a year.


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I always WI in the morning (as other have said, as long as you do it at the same time every week it doesn't matter). I agree I may well put on some weight over the next day or two but not planning on having a sneaky peek before next Monday so should be ok as long as I don't misbehave too much on NYE!

Good luck to everyone with their goals for 2010 and have a great NYE!


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I haven't weighed myself and I won't until WI on Wednesday but I am sure I have put on as I have had 2 days totally off plan with way too much alcohol and cheese! I could have done worse as I didn't have any sweet stuff, except a glass of Baileys but it was bad enough. I knew it would be though, so I won't be disappointed. I do have 4 pounds to play with and still be on target and I am sure that I haven't put on that much (cross fingers!)


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Well my WI is in the morning so I won't know what damage I've done until then!! I've not been on my own scales as I don't want to know, :D From next week I will be going to an evening class as I'll be working on a Tuesday morning. So I know that next week won't be a true reflection, going from a morning class to an evening class!! Oh well. Never mind!


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Everyones true weight is the weight we weigh first thing in the morning. As the day goes on it can and will fluctuate due to fluid and food intake, fluid retention, stress etc. So long as you weigh in at the same time every week it'll always be a true reflection of what you weigh.