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Power Walking (fitness walking)

Hi all,
I've recently begun power walking, I used to jog but found my hips and knees cant cope (despite having my gait analysed and taken onboard lots of advice) so I've turned to power walking and I am absolutely loving it, no pain!!
Cant quite figure my arms out yet but that will come with more time I guess.

Just wondered if there are any other power walkers on the forum to share advice, progress and anything else with.

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You could probably call my feeble jogging attempts power walking lol. I jog once/twice a week, but do a fast paced walk 2/3 times a weeks - wouldn't go so far as to call it power walking.

Congrats on finding painfree exercise. I was reading an exercise magazine this week that claimed little benefit to jogging over walking the same distance except for time!
I was actually told yesterday by a body builder that 45mins power walking before breakfast burns more fat than 20-30 mins jogging/running. I would love to know how correct that is!
I go power walking ( did the half marathon at the Edinburgh moonwalk this year :D ).
I've been told by my gym instructors that walking at 4.0 mph burns the same calories as jogging/running at 6.0 mph, but because walking, even power walking, is low impact, your hips and knees are not impacted :)
For power walking, I always plan a route, making it circular so I don't double back on myself, and because I walk on my own, I always carry enough change for a bus home ( just incase I twist an ankle or something, but have never had to do this). I always have my mobile phone on me too, and my mp3 player for some good pounding tunes :D
Interesting ... I'm assuming this also goes for the treadmill??? I run on the treadmill 3-4 mornings a week but in the evening I feel if I should do something on the nights I'm not at aerobics but the thought of pounding the mill again isnt the most exciting of thoughts. If I've over-eaten I often do a 45min power walk on the treadmill at 4.5mph (little legs you see) so it can't be far out of doing it on the streets can it?
Well done on the moonwalk!
Its the low impact on my joints I love, plus exploring the area I live in (only lived here since end of august)
Good idea with the cash, but doubt I'd find a bus around here as its rural. Always have my mobile on me and even though I used to listen to music when jogging I dont feel like I want to when PW wonder if its because I enjoy it more so dont need the distraction as much.
Hopefully get out saturday for a really distance pw, going to have a look on map-my-run for a route as I'll be at my OH mum's.

Anyone seen any of the pw dvd's? How do they work?

Glad to see others who enjoy it.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I couldn't run on the treadmill cos it wrecked my knees. I thought that the squats and lunges on EA Sports Active would be too much for me too BUT NO! I haven't had any repercusions! I needed to upgrade the resistance band but My measurements have reduced out of all proportion! I'mm SO happy!

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