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Powerdery Food!

I started yesterday and my first shake was the best because i was at home and used a hand held blender thingy.
Then got to work and at lunchtime made up a mint choc drink - it turned out awful, loads of lumps in it.
I made a soup last night and made it into a paste first and then added the extra water, that turned out quite well.
It does all dissolve eventually but you need the patience to keep stirring it.
everything seems to taste of powder, is this right or am i not mixing it correctly??
im the same as you ... EVERYTHING tastes like mingin powder to me! thats why i try n stick to bars n tetras these days ... takes alot for me to get a shake or a soup down! n if im havin a soup i like to make it into crisps first! everything was fine for the first few weeks tho i think im just startin to hate everything and by starting i mean i do! :giggle:

Neways i hope everything is well - i must go to uni! byeeee
Lynsay xxxx
have you tried mixing them in a blender or an electric hand whisk i always use my majic bullet which is a type of blender and the shakes are fine not powdery at all i only really like the chick and mushroom soup and dont have it that often so cant really help you there,keep trying anway and good luck
I think they taste powdery too, especially the soups:jelous:

I tried to persevere and add more/less water, but from week 2 only had/have tetras and bars, and loving them:D

I think it must be personal taste, as most people seem to like them.


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