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Miss helpme

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Hi all

I had a KFC chicken popcorn snack box today and now im wondering how many points they are?? This is a small box of chicken popcorn and fries... Does anyone know?? Im going to have to use my weekly points on this unfortunately but I just really fancied it lol (im hoping its not too bad)!!

Thanks for looking

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Looks like KFC have totally revamped their website and now have NI for pretty much everything!

KFC.co.uk | Little Chicken Bits | So Good

According to the official WWPP calculator app and the NI from the link above, the popcorn chicken snackbox comes in at 18pp. However, there is no value for fibre listed so I'm not sure if that's correct. Esource shows a regular popcorn chicken as being 9pp and large fries as 10pp so to be safe, I'd go with the higher value.


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it comes to 18pps
11 for the fries and 7 for the popcorn chicken hope this helps xx

Miss helpme

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Thanks for that!! I was expecting it to be about that but wasnt sure!!

Maybe I wont have KFC again it always comes out far too high lol