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Pre Ketosis hell!


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Is there anyone out there who is in the pre ketosis death stage who wants to share their pain with me?

I am on day 3 and woke up with a BANGING headache.. it does not help that my 30 min journey to work too 1 1/2 hours...!! Stupid tube.

I am gluggin water but it is not getting any better... any other sufferers out there???:cry:
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hoping for a good loss
It will get better, I promise. I can remember the awful headaches I suffered from during that first week.

Keep going chick, you are doing great

Charlie xx
OOh nothing worse - I suffer from migraines and had one for two days straight that just wouldnt go and a headache a day after that. Day four was better and havent had one since. Hopefully day four will be your turning point.


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Thanks guys! Urgh. The only thing I worry about is taking pain killers on an empty stomach as such. I don't have my first shake of the day till 1pm... should I wait till then?

1litre down already....


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I would always just take the pain killers Alli. It will really only affect your tmmy if you do it lots. Why suffer.


hoping for a good loss
Paracetamol is fine on an empty tummy, is only Ibuprofen you need to be careful with
i feel your pain im on day 3 and had a banging head before i just drank a 500ml bottle of water with 2 co-codamol and feel better now thank god, i nipped to town and thought i was going to faint earlier. hopefully we will be in ketosis soon xx

we all go through the pain and it will soon pass. stick with it. take some pain relief, drink water and if you've cut out your caffine put it back in quick.


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Thank you all for your advice. It's so nice to know that you're not the only one going through it! Give me the strength to carry on!

I drank a brick and took an aspirin (as it was all I had at work) which didn't help at all? Then started to feel sick- so I had to go home... Slept all afternoon- woke up to have another shake and passed out for the rest of the night...

Now on day 4 and a slight headache but NOTHING compared to yesterday! Feel a little wobbly and weak, so had a brick... bring on Ketosis!! As long as we can get through this initial phase, I'm sure we'll all be fine! Makes me want to make sure that this time round- I am going to reach my goal- no excuses - and maintain it! Don't want to go through this again!

Weird though that I am not hungry per say... just weak...? hmm... that's a first!
well done getting through it hun, i feel the same im not touching anything that might bring me out of ketosis is not worth feling crappy again, good luck xxx


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Thanks! Though I'm not sure if I'm actually in Ketosis...? I remember last time I was really cold and full of energy... But I am now on day 6 and don't have much energy and not exactly really cold? Also I remember having a really furry tongue... but I don't really have that either?? Hmmm...

Could I STILL not be in Ketosis? I have stuck to SS 100% and I have drunk at LEAST 2 1/2 L of water a day???
I feel ur pain, i would have been in ketosis now if i hadn't of gone out on sat! so have to to the pre again!
like others have said grab some paracetemols xxx
i get weighed tomorrow, do you? we will have to put our losses on here. i find if i drink lots of water i dont get a furry tongue and i havent been cold either, im not hungry though, are you? xx


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Sorry- I had replied to you but I obviously forgot to press "post reply".. very clever!

And yes, I have my weigh in this evening!! I am really excited! Not so much on the weight front as last time- my weight did not show a great drop but the drop in cms was good!!

I do not have a headache anymore (score!!) and have slight furry tongue... ergh... and feel slightly dizzy still... but nothing I can't cope with. NO HUNGER. YOooOooOoO hoOooOoOoO!!

And no- I'm not cold? Does that mean I'm not in ketosis?? hmmm... I don't understand? x


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I'm off to "fat club" as I like to refer to my weigh ins!! Will post my results soon!!! Good luck slimmeplease!!!


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Good Luck!

Also, do you use Ketostix? They will tell you if you are in Ketosis I think. I use them, even though I can usually tell from my rancid breath - YUCK!!!!

Hopefully you will get the results you want tonight and all will be worth it!
alli, i lost 10 pounds, im so happy!!! hope you did well too xxxx

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