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Pre-making Shakes

I'm sure this has been asked many a time but can the powder shakes be made in advance?
I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I want to make up my shake and take it in with me rather than spend a fortune on premade shakes.
I'm doing a test tonight by making my breakfast shake now and leaving it in the fridge until the morning.
I think I may get a locker at work in which case I'll just leave a tin of powder in there and take in milk every day or something. I know its probably stupid but I'm a little embaressed, I don't want everyone knowing I'm on a diet on my first day at work. Oh well I'll see how it goes. If anyone has experience of making up the shakes I'd love to know how you've got on.
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Pink, I can only answer from a Lighter Life perspective but I would imagine it is the same. The shakes can't be pre-made as the vitamins and minerals start to depleat.

Hope you find out the right information.

Kat xx
i would say as long as you kepted it cold and gave it a good shake before drinking there shouldnt be a problem...just bring a cooler with ice everyday and put it in there in your locker. Nothing to be ashamed of hun its a great thing that you are keeping yourself healthy!
Yes they tend to settle if left a while, I've never made mine in advance so don't know what they are like. But I'd try it and as caloriefree says give it a good shake beforehand and keep it cold. can you put it in a fridge at work? If not get an insulated lunch bag with a couple of ice packs :)
Oh good idea Lisa! That could work really well, you'd just have to time it right, wouldn't want an ice pop as a shake lol!
freezing sounds like a good plan. The one I had this morning tasted a bit weird but I had just brushed my teeth! So decided to take the milk and a bag of powder and made it up in work. There's a fridge and I should be getting a locker so I figure I can just get a tin and leave it in the locker and take in my milk everyday. Was a bit tough for the managers meeting which apparently is traditionally accompanied by coffee and muffins but I explained I was on a diet and had already lost loads of weight so I didn't feel so bad!


in my dreams!!!!!!
managing your diet at work is so hard especially if you'd rather other people didn't know. i use the powder shakes and made it up in the morning but put it in a thermos flask and then the fridge and really shook it up at lunchtime which was ok. if you can't do that then as suggested try having a bar or take in a salad as its still low in cals by adding up your snack value. you can get a lot of salad for them x

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