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Pregnancy chances.....???

Hi, can anybody shed some light on this please, i have just heard that concieving chances are quite high on the cd, is this true? i have had a few friends who started this diet but left due to falling pregnant, im getting a bit worried? any advice please................:confused:
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I think that the lowering of your BMI and the cutting out of junk food / alcohol etc can kick start your fertility. Haven't heard specifically but I guess those side effects alone can help your chances... hth. x
oh i forgot to mention, falling pregnant evan using contraception (any type)
hmmm i guess your right, then again every individual is different, it all depends on how your own body works and reacts to this diet.
When you say "any" does that include Condoms? I guess as we drop the weight, our chances are conceiving are greater and also this could affect the hormonal balances of things such as the pill, but it can't affect condom's as they are not influenced by these things. So, as much as they can be a pain, if you are not wanting to get pregnant, I would suggest this.

I am hoping that losing this weight will give me a greater chance of getting pregnant, but I want to be a healthy weight before I fall pregnant x
sorry bunnyg, this does not include the condom method, like you said i dont think this will effect it anyhow but i am concerned about the rest like the pill, coil implants etc...., i wish you luck in your weight loss and then in conceiving right at the end of this diet:)
I didnt hear anything about conceiving while on birth control, but yes there are claims that CD does increase the chances of conceiving. My CDC said its partially due to the drop in weight combined with the combination of vitamins and minerals in the packs.


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i hope this is not insinuating that CD stops the pill working otherwise i am gonna go into stress mode... and really should have been told this when i started on cd


please try again
apparently when fat breaks down it increases levels of either estrogen or ostrogen or something ( not sure which hormone it is ) but this boosts ur fertility levels and as we know NO contreception is 100% foolproof ( except for the just say no method )


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like you say "foolproof" and i certainly ain't a fool with my pill - i take it correctly and follow my instructions to the note..

i will be more than annoyed if i now find out that it might not be working due to cd...


please try again
cd does not affect the pill and the term "foolproof" is a figure of speech i was not calling anyone a fool!

check ur pill packed it will tell you its 99% effective, condoms i think are 96% so most of the time there is no problems but 1 or 2 people will get caught out and thats everone not just cd users


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oh i wasn't saying you were calling me a fool claire chick...

just went into panic mode when i thought this meant my pill wouldn't be working :) sorry chick


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hmmm as much as it may work becky... i'm afraid the phrase is:

"Not a chance!" - noticed a massive difference to that act due to cd and i ain't about to give it up now
hmmm as much as it may work becky... i'm afraid the phrase is:

"Not a chance!" - noticed a massive difference to that act due to cd and i ain't about to give it up now
you go girl :D :party0048:

although I have seen a few peeps on here getting preggers have to say im been more careful aswell even though id love another baby want to get this weight of before!
I reckon that I'm significantly less fertile than normal at the moment. I certainly have fewer physical signs of fertility (don't want to go into too much detail, for fear of putting folks off their lunch ;)!) than usual.


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