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Pregnancy Tests on CD with PCOS


As you might know I am trying for a baby and because of PCOS nothing is likely to happen according to doc, only been trying for a month so im not concerned as I know people try for years without anything.

I start CD on saturday which is my final restart I promise!! Having a baby really is the incentive I need to focus, lost 3 stone a year ago on CD and had my first natural period for years but I have gained it all back and more by being silly with my eating!!

I am confident losing the weight will boost my fertility enough to concieve fairly soon but should I take regular pregnancy tests as I know you cant CD while pregnant but I wont know when im pregnant because I dont have periods so therefore wudnt notice if id missed one!!

Confusing I know, was thinking of taking regular tests, is this stupid?

Help!! x
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Hi there

I am also trying to concieve also with PCOS and have been for over 4 years. Doc's now said that weight loss is a must, hence now being on cambridge. I wish now I'd lost the weight when we started and when he told me to.

Testing gets really expensive if you do it loads and can also make you feel really down if it keeps coming back negative. Hence why I never lost weight before because I use to comfort eat. I use to test loads when we first started because like you as I wasn't having the blob regularly, I never knew!!

I have started to think that when you are pregnant you will somehow feel it your body anyway. Maybe some of the mums out there can confirm this?

I now spend my time focusing on getting to my ideal weight rather than getting pregnant as I know that as I do that my chances will increase anyway.

Anyway, wishing you loads of luck.



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I dont have any experience of this but I do use a wonderful forum which has a board specifically for PCOS & TTC... They might be able to give you a heads up on the way to go iykwim
If you want the link let me know & I'll PM it ya.
Good luck girls, I'm sure that you will fall on soon enough :)
hi hun,
im in a similar position in that i have pcos and have been ttc for a couple of years. Im also on cd in a bid to lose weight and hopefully help pcos.
as i would never know if i was trul pregnant i too used to bulk buy tests on ebay, they are just as effective as the expensive shop bought ones.
i would test regulrly just to be on the safe side, as losing weight can kickstart your cycle . and believe me i know its tough when it comes back negative, but for the time bieng you have to try and see a negative test as a good thing.
By doing this and losing weight you are ensuring that you are the healthiest mummy possible, its only going to be a short time until you have lost the weight and will probably find it much easier to concieve.
good luck with it all xx
i ll be honest when i was trying and on cd i used other methods to try to work out ovulation and then i knew when to test, such as position of cervix, temprature charting, mucas at different times of your cycle, and also a saliva microscope that changed at different times in your cycle, putting all the info together gave me best chance to ttc and also gave me clue when to test.

cdc norwich
Julesrush - how reliable did you find the ovulation microscope? I've been a bit hit and miss with it as I've only had one period since coming off the depo provera injection a year ago. Did you find it tied in with the temperature readings etc?
You could bulk buy ovulation tests from test4less.com, that way if any ov signs are present you'll know if you have a chance of getting/being pregnant :)

I have pcos too, not TTC though :)
The microscope i found on occasions did show that i was starting to go into ovulation (crystals changing) but then when back to normal before i got the full icepattern but doing it with temp and other things i did find they tied in. Also as my monthlies could be anything from 10-16 weeks or longer between i liked to make sure nookie was involved to atleast give me a try that cycle.

Good luck in ttc

cdc norwich
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I can't recommend temping highly enough, especially when you team it with observing CM.

If you temp it will not only confirm that you actually have ovulated and not just had a LH surge that most opk's will test positive for but it gives you great insight into your cycle, even enough to predict the day you will actually get your AF!!

And of course 18 high temps in a row indicates pregnancy.

There is an AMAZING book called Taking charge of your fertility, and it tells you everything you will ever need to know about charting and temping and everything else you need, not only to TTC but to have a better understanding of your entire cycle.

Good luck whatever you decide!


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