Extra Easy Days pregnant and strugging with ideas


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really struggling with sw at the mo as being pregnant i want to eat everything and anything.
i am struggling for breakfast as i eat when i get to work But never no wt to have.
i dont want toast as i like to use my two slices of wholemeal as hexb in eveNing.
any quick ideas?
when im off work i have anything like this morn i had a bowl of nesquik which i dont no how high is on sw but can imaGine it very High
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Fruit & fat free yoghurt
Bananas are great when in transit
Frittata / Spanish omelette (make the night before, portion up)
Hard boiled eggs

If you go off plan don't worry too much - just try to opt for something healthy. So rather than have nesquik have an extra healthy extra instead - cereal bars are great for on the go. I literally went through boxes of bran flakes & muesli when I was pregnant - I had to ban bread as I could eat a loaf in a day!

At the end of the day you're pregnant so enjoy it & if you indulge more than normal enjoy it but don't get carried away with it. I tried to stay on plan as much as poss when I was pregnant but listened to my body too so ate a lot of cereal & wholemeal bread (I NEVER used to eat bread!) but I think because I made healthy choices rather than donuts etc it was ok. I now have a very healthy 12 week old son who is ahead in all areas so it was worth those extra healthy extras :)

I hope that helps & good luck - good on you on sticking to sw now you're pregnant. X


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i love cereal only prob is i have a full bowl as otherwise im not full.
how about cornflakes and branflakes?
would that be bad for my brekkie everyday bit bearin in ind full bowl:-(.
today i have tried to be better but i have had
bowl on nesquik
ham sandwich on two slices of wholemeal with light mayo.
got no meat out for tea and got No potatoes in so as going to hve pasta in sauce
But what could i have with this to fill me ?
and my prob is i get really hungry in evening


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Theres a breakfast suggestion thread in the recipe forum and also a 'whats for breakfast' thread in the main forum they have literally hundreds of breakfast ideas