Preparing to get back on the wagon

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I sincerely doubt anyone here knows me but I used to haunt Minimins with a passion.

A few years ago I did Lipotrim and had brilliant success, but after falling down that same ol' rabbit hole as so many as us succumb to I've been trying and failing to regain that control and get back in the driver's seat of my weight control once more.

I've gained... I'm not willing to say my weight just yet, I need a bit more courage to do that due to massive amounts of shame and yadda yadda, you all know how it is.

Basically, after the first time of being on LT I tried Exante once (properly) and then had the usual failed attempts as per. The thing is, I didn't use Minis after that first successful weight lost trip. I don't know why, I think maybe I just got big-headed and figured I could do it alone.

Guess what?!

I can't.

So I'm back here with my tail between my legs really hoping that I can get my head to where it was before and really regain that support that was so incredibly invaluable to me that first time. Honestly, Minimins helped me so much it was unreal, but sadly I just failed to realise this until it was too late.

I'm not pretending that I'm going to be able to start immediately - what with it being Christmas and all that jazz I have a lot of family commitments that require socialising that the nature of my... *ahem* mediterranean family means that going TFR for these gatherings is just not an option without offending my grandmother and baby Jesus (her words...)

But yeah... I guess I just wanted to poke my head around the door, wave to you guys and let you know that in a few short days I'm going to be hounding this forum like back in the good ol' days. I've noticed that the Exante forum has definitely exploded since the last time I was here - the diet definitely seems to have found its feet - so I'm hoping there's a sound group of guys and gals here this time around!

Looking forward to starting and already have a few 'treats' set up for goals met along the way!

Apologies for War & Peace and hope to see you guys around the forum!


P.S ignore all of my info and tickers - I'll update that when I get less afraid ;)
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Welcome back - I agree that the support on this forum is superb. It really helped me so much.

You can do it again - but chose your start time carefully. When the socialising dies down you have a greater chance of success. I am a 'big bang' sort of person so on a day and off a day didn't work for me. I was doing it for eight months - the best eight months I have ever had.

I also found that at first being in ketosis made me very cold especially when I was tired. So for that reason think when to start - the first few days or even a week are very hard - so plan that when your life will be easiest. Early nights, warm baths, shake or soup in bed all help to get you through those difficult first days but one your body has adjusted it gets so much easier. Do you remember that? then comes that magic surge of energy and it begins to be worthwhile.

Also it helps to focus on the results. Nothing in the world compares with buying new size 10 clothes, feeling fit and energetic and feeling good. Everything that used to ache, back, knees, hips etc no longer aches and I feel great. So welcome back, plan your strategy, weigh yourself and watch the stones fall away.

It is worth it, plan, take the plunge and log in every evening at break the diet time. Good luck, you have taken step one.



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All best wishes for your new start!
hey I rememeber you from when I was on LT I am sure i do :) I lost 8 stone and keep gaining and loosing this last couple of stone ...... so I am back on exante , 100 % from Jan 1st , I have just over 2 stone to loose and really need to do it this time , I have never got to goal , and i think I subconsciously sabotage it as I know when I get to goal I will have to take control , whilst i am messing around I know that I can use shakes to get me back in line .. so my goal is 10.5 stone , I am now 12, 10 .... I WILL get there ..I WILL and you will too :)

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
GSQ, Darcy and Katie - thanks for the welcome, lovelies! And Katie, yup, I definitely remember that username from before, too! xD

Well, I've decided to take the plunge, stop faffing around and just get on with it! Two new Exante packs are on their way (vanilla shakes only, I'm a fussy cow) the Wii Fit is busted out and in the middle of the living room floor so I'm literally tripping over it - can't avoid it now! Got Just Dance 3 for those slightly more energetic sessions, though I have to admit that just two dances had me completely slaughtered two nights ago - just goes to show how unfit I am now!

I was making excuses for NYE and then decided 'You know what, screw it. What's one night of drinking in exchange for getting my life back?' I realised that though I might talk to myself and be a little crazy, I ocassionaly speak some sense
;) So all plans for NYE have been cancelled - I shall entertain myself at my abode with my feline companion and we shall see in the new year together with the knowledge that it's the last time I won't be out celebrating! :D

Got my head in a pretty good place right now, to be honest. My main issue is keeping this from the attention of my friends. I'm nowhere near ashamed of TFR diets but I also heavily dislike the feeling of competition that can sometimes arise between dieting friends. I'm not interested in discussing any aspect of weight loss or diet with any RL people - honestly, only you guys who know how it feels to be going through it with me are the ones I want to talk to about it.

Rambling again, aren't I? xD

Well, I'm off but I've updated all of my info and my trackers and I also bit the bullet and weighed myself. It was a lot worse than I thought but I'm ignoring that and concentrating on the fact that in a few short weeks that number will be a thing of the past! Oh, also there will be no more weighing for me until 22nd February so hopefully my first WI will be a cracker!

Wish me luck!!



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I am so glad I found this forum! I can relate to sooo much of what you are all saying. I lost almost 8 stone on Lighterlife, two years ago and on the whole, was managing my weight successfully, give or take a few pounds. However, after a family holiday to Florida this year, it all went a bit pear shaped and I am now roughly 2 stone heavier (but still 6 stone lighter if you know what I mean)!

Anyhow, time to rein things in again, I can no longer justify the expense of LL so stumbled upon Exante when looking for other VLCD's. This morning, I have placed an order and fully intend to start next monday, when family members have finally departed and a sense of normality returns to the household!

This festive season has seen me over-indulge to the extreme and I am excited by the prospect of the detox more than anything in those first few days. I guess I will be on here alot, particularly in those long cold dark evenings when I usually turn to snacking!

Anyhow, enough about me, wishing us all success and terrific weight losses for the weeks ahead!

Oh, and I like the idea of waiting to weigh, I am contemplating weighing on my start day and then weighing when I complete my first month (no hopping on and off throughout the weeks). I can get a bit complacent following good weight losses so Im probably better sticking to TS 100% for a month and reaping the big reward before continuing with the programme!

Best wishes to you all......


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I'm preparing to start again as well.... I somehow find it easier after Christmas as I am dick of all the rich food. Think it will be Monday though.... Might be today... See how I go. Monday at the latest... Xx


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Sick not d**k ( blush ) xx


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Me2! Ive been mentally telling myslf the same thing. Just really need a BIG kick 2 gt myslf in2 gear & tke the plunge.
So that in mind new year new start ;) IA.

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I will be joining you all too on 2nd. I'm starting the couch to 5k too. I did LT 2.5 years ago and lost 2stone. I'm probably about a stone back up but most of that since my finals in early December and of course Xmas! I have a few LT sachets left which I am using to restart. I am also a serial weigher and really don't think I can stay away from the scales!!


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Hello and welcome back. Good luck on this phase of your weight loss journey.

I am re-starting today and I too feel like I am in a good place mentally where as before I was all over the place and couldn't stick to any kind of diet.

Sick not d**k ( blush ) xx

Sorry but this really made me giggle, but then again I am really immature like that :p


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Me too.... Love your name. Ive restarted today and got day 1 under my belt. Yippee!! Xx


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Hey carrie and how's it being back its the 2nd for me and to the OP I know what you mean about this
Website I didn't have the Internet for a while and when I got it back I was like I don't need minimins, it all started crumbling


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Hey, I've found it not to bad but day 3 is always my difficult day, thank goodness I'm working all day. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself so am still thinking my restart day will be 2nd jan but if I can be in ketosis before then that's brilliant! Will weigh daily till 2nd so I can hopefully keep motivated! Xx


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Hiya all I'm pretty much in the same boat as most of u but im quite ashamed as I only recently did lipotrim been off it for about 2 weeks and put on a stone as iv stuffed my face every single day.
I'm waiting for my exante stuff and even tho i had a few lipotrim sachets left over iv wasted most of them by eating crap in the evening. So I'm starting today mon 2nd jan&i will get to my goal 9st 7lb and I will be fit again and be the runner I used to be before shovelling food in my mouth. I hope this is the year I learn to keep it off.
I only came off lipotrim due to chemist telling me to.I was 100% and didn't want to stop but he made me. So I rebelled as I wasn't in control then& I think iv regained the weight to show him I shouldve stayed on it BUT he will never know now as I'm doing exante ts. I just hope it doesn't task me an absolute age to get rid of what iv put on in a "2week moment of madness".
So to all u who have mentioned putting on a stone or 2 after a year etc it can't b as shameful as me putting that much on in a couple of weeks :(
2012 will be a Good year - I can feel it!
All the best to all on exante xxx

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