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Preperation is the key


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Unsure how you all feel about this but i have come to the conclusion preperation is the key to SW success. If i think 2 meals in advance i dont struggle at all, its the days when i have not planned when things jump into mouth. Lol x x
so my new moto is PREPARATION IS THE KEY. Just thought i would share this titbit.
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couldn't agree more. I just cant keep to the plan if i don't plan/prepare myself!!


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I think you're absolutely right. I plan my menu each week and shop accordingly. This means I don't buy things I won't use, or things I will use but shouldn't be!! I know what I need to cook and prepare in advance so I can take breakfast and lunch to work and not be tempted by the sandwich van. I still have the odd day where I change what I eat for various reasons, but so far it's kept me on track! :)


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If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!


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I'm afraid I'm not big into planning. I have all my SW food in the house but decide meal to meal what I want according to my appetite. This works best for me.
I suppose it's planned in a way because I have all my SW foods available, it's just not planned to the final moment.
Yup. I said the same in a post earlier. Like eternity I don't plan every single meal and know what day I'm having them but I do have everything in the house I need, if you don't then it is the best excuse to go off plan.

I do my shopping online and make a list of 7 meals, I then have them in the order that I fancy them during the week.


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I plan my week on the sunday because I have to give my mum a shopping list of what I want! I find it helps and gives me certain meals to look forward to


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I find that planning is a great help, but due to kids etc, it doesn't always happen how i plan it! However i always have one day a week where i batch cook some soup or chilli or a curry so that i always have an emergency dinner in the freezer. It helps me no end to know that on a rushed day i have a meal ready and waiting. I but the ingredients i need to make several nice dinners then decide which i fancy cooking each day, it's nice sometimes to have a choice.


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I wholeheartedly agree that organisation is the key!! I'm also not someone who has the whole weeks' meals planned out, but I vaguely decide on a few meals I'd like to cook, get the ingredients in and then I know I have the stuff in the fridge and cupboards to whip it up! I also make sure I have plenty of HEXa and b type snacks eg Alpen lights, HIFI bars, Ryvita Minis, Ryvitas, Babybel Lights, Laughing cow portions and also quick and easy things with few or no syns like Mugshots, savoury rices, packet couscous, cottage cheese, yogurts and tons of fresh fruit! I cook from fresh ingredients whenever I can but when time is limited I've always got things to fall back on! I'm very organised when it comes to taking food to work! I'm a shift worker, often on 12.5 hour nights and days so this is crucial- I take my big coolbag with me (I call it my fridge) and have lots of things in it- leftover curry with rice, casserole, risotto, pasta of some kind, stirfried veg with maybe a fillet of salmon, a jacket potato or sweet potato with perhaps some cottage cheese or baked beans- the possibilities are endless! With it is lots of fruit, a yogurt and some items from my HEXa and b list! When I'm full I'm so much less likely to pick at the never-ending supply of chocolate and biscuits from patients and relatives! I've just bought a slow cooker so I'm hoping this will add a new dimension to my organisation!!!

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